Wakestock’s final day in Collingwood, Ontario Canada couldn’t have been scripted any better by Hollywood. The Super Finals of the Wakestock WWA World Series Pro Wakeboard presented by Monster Energy, Billabong and Nautique Boats came down to four past Wakestock champions: Bob Soven, Harley Clifford, Aaron Rathy and Phil Soven. And the Wakestock Billabong Pro Wakeskate Finals presented by Monster Energy and Nautique Boats came down to a battle between past Wakestock champions Grant Roberts vs Brian Grubb!

Thanks to two days of amazing riding, incredible concerts, and off-the-hook after-parties, crowds were a little slower to fill in on the third and final day of Wakestock. But by the time Wakeskate finalists hit the water in the early afternoon the spectators stands were rammed! And the crowds weren’t there to see the upcoming Miss Wakestock Bikini Contest and Monster Energy Music Stage concerts by Swollen Members, Tokyo Police Club and Talib Kweli. They were there to see the defending Wakestock Billabong Pro Wakeskate Champion Grant Roberts battle 5-time Wakestock Champ and wakeskate legend Brian Grubb, both of whom were being pushed by Canada’s rising wakeskate stars James Balzer and Scotty Boysen! 

First off the dock was Boysen followed by Balzer. With Canadian fans cheering their home boys, Boysen and Balzer threw down their best tricks, but were unable to stomp clean runs. Then it was Grubb’s turn! He had struggled in his qualification heat, but delivered his trademark smooth style for the finals with the highest scoring run of the event so far, an amazing 83.33. With the pressure on, Roberts delivered another consistent, strong run, but it was not enough to out point Grubb. And so Brian Grubb nabbed his incredible 6th Wakestock Billabong Pro Wakeskate title, with Roberts 2nd, Balzer 3rd and Boysen 4th. See full results below.

The Wakestock Billabong Pro Wakeskate holds a special place in wake history as wakeskating’s first major pro event back in 1999 helping to legitimize and elevate wakeskating in the early years, and so its status and its prestigious Wakestock Championship belt had special meaning for Grubb. “I’m always stoked to come back to Wakestock. I always like to support the original wakeskate contest,” said Grubb. “The conditions were a little variable throughout the weekend, everybody in the finals got out there and put a few tricks down. It was a fun weekend for sure and I’m happy to get my first win of the year up here at Wakestock.”

With a break for Swollen Members and the Miss Wakestock Bikini Contest it was time for the Wakestock WWA World Series Wakeboard Finals between the Soven bros, Clifford and Rathy. Each had claimed the Wakestock title in the one of the previous four years, and Clifford and Phil Soven were neck and neck in the 2011 World Series Championship ranking coming in to Wakestock.

Rathy was first off the dock. Just back from major knee surgery Rathy has been on a tear of late making finals in his last three pro events. Rathy scored76.67 in the semi-finals, the 2nd best result behind Phil Soven’s high score of 85.00. So Rathy knew it would take a bigger run to win, but now there was some wind chop to deal with. On his first trick he threw a massive cab 720. He stuck it but then sketched out as he tried to control his speed out through the flats bouncing off some chop. That fall caused him to missed the big funbox rail, and he was consequently forced to jam in the rest of his tricks plus hit the rails. He nailed his Toeside 540 on the start of his 2nd pass and hit both rails clean and smooth, but fell on his last trick, a Toeside 7. His score was 50.00.

Next was Clifford who had been smooth and consistent through all of his qualifying. Like Rathy, Clifford went for a big trick off the get go with a huge nose grab crow mobe 5, but crashed, which like Rathy, caused him to forgo the funbox rail. But undeterred Clifford stomped the rest of his run clean, including a Toeside 9, Backside 7, a crow mobe 5, and was ultra smooth and tech on the rails. His score 76.67 – the new high score to beat!

The always dangerous Soven brothers hit the water next, Bob first, then big bro Phil as the last rider. Bob stomped a run that was combined both tech and style throwing down a toeside 9, toeside 7, heelside 7 and crow mobe 5, but his score of 60.00 was not enough to catch Clifford. Now it was down to Phil a 2-time past Wakestock champ and one of the most consistently dangerous contest riders on the planet. But with two falls, one in each pass, Phil had a rare off run falling on a toeside 7 and a crow mobe 5, settling for a score of 50.00 points, his lowest of the contest and 4th place in the finals. See full results below.

Harley Clifford claimed the Wakestock win and a commanding lead in the WWA World Series Championship rankings! “I’m super pumped on the win,” claimed Clifford. “The event was awesome; Wakestock is always one of the biggest events of the year, so it’s always fun to come up here. I’m stoked to be in the lead in the World Series going into the last stop. Phil [Soven] ended up fourth so I have a pretty big lead; hopefully I can win the overall title. With the win last weekend at the WWA US Nationals and the win this weekend, I’m feeling confident right now and riding well so I’m looking for the win at the WWA Worlds at the end of the month.”

“It was a great weekend; there was a good turnout of riders and it was the biggest crowd the year I’ve ridden in front of,” said Aaron Rathy. “It was myself, Bob [Soven], Phil [Soven] and Harley [Clifford] so it was a stacked final and everybody threw down. I’m stoked on third place with such a high quality of riding.”

In between the final wakeboard and wakeskate rounds Wakestock fans had plenty to keep them occupied including:

Concerts: Talib Kweli, Tokyo Police Club, Monster Truck, Swollen Members , Indian Handcrafts, Final Thought, and Like Animals
Miss Wakestock Bikini Contest: won by Alana Rentelis
Skateboarding: ride the skatepark and mini-ramp or check out am skate contests and pro demos sponsored by Globe, Darkstar, Arnette and SBC Skateboard Magazine
Action Sports Expo & Marketplace: over 40 exhibitors including Nautique Boats/PrideMarineGroup, Playstation, Microsoft Windows, Gravity Board Shop, and Cottage Toys
Plus Stand-up Paddleboarding and Skimboarding
And so another amazing Wakestock World Series festival weekend came to an end. Beyond the incredible wakeboarding and wakeskating, highlights included the Nautique Boats Wakestock Amateur Championship, Canada’s largest grassroots wake event, presented by PrideMarineGroup.com, Monster Energy, Billabong and SBC Wakeboard Magazine; concert performances on the Monster Energy Music Stage by Dropkick MurphysThe Dirty HeadsTalib Kweli and Tokyo Police Club; and the dozens of Wakestock After-Parties presented by Monster Energy and Coors Light.
Can’t wait for next year already!
presented by Monster Energy, Nautique Boats, Billabong
1. Harley Clifford  AUS   Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Oakley, Body Glove, Mastercraft – 76.67 pts
2. Robert Soven  USA    Monster Energy , Nautique, Fox, Body Glove, Dragon  – 60.00 pts
3. Aaron Rathy CAN   Xcel, Oakley, Byerly Boards,  Rockstar, MB Boats  – 50.00 pts
4. Phillip Soven USA   Liquid Force, Malibu, Sanuk, Rip It  –  40.00 pts
Heat #1
1. Phillip Soven  USA    85.00
2. Aaron Rathy   CDN    76.67
3. Olivier Derome  CDN    65.00
4. Andrew Adkison  USA    63.33
Heat #2
1. Robert Soven        USA    73.33
2. Harley Clifford        AUS    63.33
3. Austin Hair        USA    50.00
4. Danny Thollander        USA    43.33
Heat #1
1. Andrew Adkison  USA  CWB, Mastercraft 85.00
2. Austin Hair USA  Jobe, Supra, Ten80  75.00
3. Kyle Rattray  CAN  Nautique, Byerly, Rockstar, O’Neill, Reef, Anarchy, Roswell  66.67
4. Dustin O’Ferrall  CAN  Billabong, Ronix, Dragon, Kicker 53.33
Heat #2
1. Robert  Soven        USA    76.67
2. Aaron  Rathy        CAN    60.00
3. Adam  Errington  USA   Red Bull, Ronix, Nike 6.0, Fox, Tige, OWC – 50.00
4. Dylan  Riviat CAN  O’Brien, Jet Pilot, Straightline, Dragon, Rusty – 40.00
Heat #3
1. Phillip  Soven        USA    – 83.33
2. Olivier  Derome CAN  Billabong, Slingshot, Oakley, Rockstar, Malibu – 73.33
3. Paulie  Koch USA   Nautique, Oakley, Liquid Force – 50.00
4. Mike  Maynard  CAN   CWB, Quiksilver – 36.67
Heat #4
1. Harley Clifford        AUS    80.00
2. Danny Thollander USA  Nautique, Hyperlite, Dunkelvolk, Accurate  – 60.00
3. Dylan Miller  CAN  Slingshot, O’Neill, IS Eyewear, Vans – 50.00
4. Shawn Watson USA Monster Energy, Billabong, Nautique, Liquid Force, Dragon – 40.00
presented by Monster Energy, Nautique Boats, SBC Wakeboard Magazine
1. Brian Grubb  USA  Billabong, VZ, Hyperlite, Kustom, Red Bull, Malibu – 83.33
2. Grant Roberts  USA  Obscura, Fox, Spy, DVS  73.33
3. James Balzer  CAN  Monster Energy, Obscura, VZ, Nike 6.0, Body Glove  – 60.00
4. Scotty Boysen  CAN  The Ranch Wakepark  – 23.33
Heat #1
1. Brian Grubb        USA    76.67
2. James Balzer        CAN    60.33
3. Tommy Bailey        CAN    41.67
Heat #2
1. Grant Roberts        USA    76.33
2. Scotty Boysen        CAN    54.00
3. Chris Hau            CAN    20.00
1. Anna Hajek        USA    93.33
2. Leslie Sparkes        CAN    73.33
3. Emily Tenwesteniend    CAN    60.00
4. Ally Boothroyd        CAN    50.00
5. Susie Mallory        CAN    46.67
6. Kelsey Chiappa        CAN    13.33
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