2011 Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships Presented by Rockstar

From Orlando, Florida (June 30, 2011) – The top wake athletes from throughout the United States will converge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 27-31, to compete for national titles at the 2011 Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink.

Minneapolis, MN
Downtown Minneapolis
July 27-31

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*The late fee for this event begins MondayJuly 18th at 5pm EST.

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***Please note the Rule for the WWA USA National Championships:
*** In all of the amateur divisions NO non-US citizen athletes will be allowed to compete in the WWA USA Nationals.
This rule does NOT apply to the Junior Pro Men Division. Regardless of citizenship Junior Pro Men may compete in the WWA Nationals.

Boat List by Division:
Boys (230 loaded)
Boys Beginner (210 loaded)
Junior Boys (210 loaded)
Junior Boys Beginner (210 loaded)
Junior Men (230 loaded)
Junior Pro Men (230 loaded)
Men’s I (230 loaded)
Men’s II (230 loaded)
Masters (230 loaded)
Veterans (230 loaded)
Girls (210 loaded)
Jr. Women (230 loaded)
Amateur Women (210 loaded)
Veterans Women (210 loaded)
Masters Women (210 loaded)
Pro Men (230 loaded)
Pro Women (230 loaded)
Pro Wakeskate (210 loaded)
Amateur Wakeskate (210 loaded)
Pro Women Wakeskate (210 loaded)
Pro Veterans (230 loaded)
Adaptive Sitboarding (210 loaded)
Adaptive Standing (210 loaded)

All divisions in Wakeboarding and Wakeskate – please note all ages are as of January 1, 2011:
Boys 10-13 – Anything goes
Boys Beginner 10-13 – No inverts or spins over 180
Junior Boys 9 and under – Anything goes
Junior Boys Beginner 9 and under – No inverts or spins over 180
Junior Men ages 14-18 – no apparatus
Junior Pro Men ages14-18 – with apparatus
Men’s I ages 19-24
Men’s II ages 25-29
Masters ages 30-39
Veterans ages 40 and over
Girls ages 13 and under
Junior Women ages 14-18
Amateur Women ages 19-29
Masters Women ages 30 – 39
Veterans Women 40 and over
Pro Men any age (depending on skill level)
Pro Women any age (depending on skill level)
Pro Wakeskate any age (depending on skill level)
Amateur Wakeskate any age
Pro Women Wakeskate
Pro Veterans
Adaptive Sitboarding
Adaptive Standing

2011 Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships
Daily Schedule of Events


9:00 am                        Amateur Women Semifinal (210)
9:30 am                        Girls Semifinals (210)
10:00 am                       Adaptive Sitboarding Semifinals (210)
10:05 am                       Adaptive Standing Semifinals (210)
10:15 am                       Amateur Wakeskate Semifinals (210)
11:00 am                       Masters Women Semifinals (230)
11:15 am                       Veterans Women Semifinals (230)
11:30 am                       Men I Semifinals (230)
12:30 pm                      Men II Semifinals (230)
1:00 pm                        Masters Semifinals (230)
1:30 pm                        Veterans Semifinals (230)
2:00 pm-3:00 pm           Jr. Men Semifinals (230)


8:00 am                        Amateur Women Finals (210)
8:20 am                        Amateur Wakeskate Finals (210)
8:40 am                        Girls Finals (210)
9:00 am                        Jr. BOYS BEGINNER Semifinals (210)
9:30 am                        Jr. Boys Semifinals (210)
10:00 am                       Adaptive Sitboarding Finals (210)
10:05 am                       Adaptive Standing Finals (210)
10:30 am                       Masters Women Finals (230)
10:35 am                       Veterans Women Finals (230)
11:00 am                       Pro VETERANS Semifinals (230)
11:15 am                       Jr. PRO MEN Quarterfinals (230)
1:30 pm                        Masters Finals (230)
2:00 pm                        Veterans Finals (230)
2:30 pm                        Men I Finals (230)
3:00 pm                        Men II Finals (230)
3:30 pm-4:00 pm           Jr. Men Finals (230)
Awards Ceremony

FRIDAY, July 29

9:00 am                        Pro Women Wakeskate Semifinals (210)
9:15 am                        Pro Wakeskate Quarterfinals (210)
10:00 am                       Jr. BOYS BEGINNER Finals (210)
10:30 am                       Jr. Boys Finals (210)
11:00 am                       Boys BEGINNER Semifinals (210)
11:30 am                       Pro VETERANS Finals (230)
11:45 am                       Junior Women Semifinals(230)
12:30 pm                      Jr. PRO MEN Semifinals (230)
Awards Ceremony
1:30 pm-3:00 pm           Pro Women Quarterfinals (230)


9:00 am                        Pro Women Wakeskate Finals (210)
9:15 am                        Boys BEGINNER Finals (210)
9:45 am                        Pro Wakeskate Semifinals(210)
10:30 am                       Junior Women Finals (230)
11:00 am                       Boys Semifinals (230)
12:30 pm                      Pro Women Semifinals (230)
Awards Ceremony
1:30 am-5:30 pm           Pro Men Quarterfinals (230)

SUNDAY, July 31

9:00 am                        Boys Finals (230)
9:30 am                        Jr. PRO MEN Finals (230)
10:30 am                       Pro Men Semifinals (230)
12:30 pm                      Pro Wakeskate Finals (210)
1:00 pm                        Pro Women Finals (230)
2:00 pm                        Pro Men Finals (230)
3:30 pm-4:00 pm           Awards Ceremony

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The WWA Wakeboard National Championships is the solely owned property of the World Wakeboard Association (WWA). The WWA also owns and operates the WWA Wakeboard World Championships, WWA Wakeboard World Series, WWA Wake Park World Series, WWA Wake Park Triple Crown and WWA Wake Park Nationals. With 27 affiliate countries worldwide, the WWA is the global leader in the sport of wake. The WWA is a rider-formed organization dedicated to promoting and growing wake sports worldwide. It is the leading source for riders, event organizers and competitive standards. For more information on the WWA and its events, check out www.thewwa.com.


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