Demo Sanctioning

What We Do:
  • $2 million dollar event general liability (up to $9 million dollar policies available)
  • Event support and marketing through the WWA office
  • $25,000 additional accidental medical coverage for each participant
  • Mass e-mail broadcast for event to surrounding areas
  • Web site listing of event on and contact information for the event
  • Post-event publication on the Web site and e-mail broadcast
  • Distribute all pre- and post-event information to members
What You Do:
  • Fill out insurance certificate request form
  • Provide in depth pictures and/or blue prints of any rails/apparatus for approval.
  • E-mail the WWA an event flyer, contact information and logo for distribution.
  • REQUIRED: Sign up all participants to the WWA for Membership (see attached WWA Membership form.)
  • Boat Drivers for event must show certificate of completion for N.A.S.B.L.A. approved boating safety course.
  • After the event write a short summary of how the event was and submit all information to the WWA
  • Send all membership forms with payment to the WWA for processing.
To get obtain an insurance certificate, please call (863) 875-6929 or email

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