2013 WWA Wakeboard World Series Goes Off in Brazil

Pro Riders take to perfect conditions for the 1st Stop of the 2013 WWA Wakeboard World Series


From Nova Lima, Brazil (May 7, 2013) – Thousands of spectators, perfect conditions and big wakes bring insane riding to Nova Lima, Brazil for the 1st Stop of the 2013 WWA Wakeboard World Series.

With over 60 World-class wakeboard events in the record books, the WWA and the Asociation Brazil de Wakeboard (ABW) once again kicked off the season at Clube Serra de Moeda. Several Brazilian pro riders and high ranking WWA Wakeboard World Ranking riders came with their game faces on for massive tricks and clean landings for a chance to end up on the podium.IMG_0143small

In the six-man final, Brazilian rider, Mario Manzoli put the pressure on the rest of the pack with a solid Front Mobe and sick KGB; however, he unfortunately went down on switch Roll-to-Blind.

Australian, Dean Smith came in hot with the most intense tricks of the contest. Dean kicked off his finals pass with a 20’-into-the-flats indy backside 180. Dean also liked a massive HS frontside 720 to TS frontside 900, then finished his pass with a HS melon late backside 360 off the double up that left him 15 or so feet into the flats.

However, the Real Deal Phil Soven, calculated as always knew exactly what he needed to do with the late-pass fall that Dean had. Phil laid down a flawless two passes that included Moby 5, Switch Nose Mobe and more followed by a Backside 7 off the Double-up.

With the win, Phil Soven jumps back into number 1 on the WWA Wakeboard World Rankings. Other notable advancements in the World Rankings: Dean Smith, Danny Thollander, and Austin Hair move several. Click here for complete rankings.




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