2016 WWA Asian Wakeboard Championships


Today the World Wakeboard Association (WWA) announced the first WWA Asian Wakeboard Championships. The 2016 WWA Asian Wakeboard Championships will take place on Lake Ikeda in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Japan on September 17-19th. The WWA Asian Wakeboard Championships in conjunction with the Asian Wakeboard Association will take place in an effort to develop the sport of wakeboarding throughout Asia as well as to create a sense of community among the Asian athletes.


The event is open to Asian riders of all ages and skill levels. The AWBA will be prequalifying the top ranked Asian riders into the Semifinal round for the Pro Divisions. The first Asian WWA Malibu Rider Experience will take place in conjunction with the WWA Asian Wakeboard Championships in an effort to introduce new participants to the sport as well as to better educate up and coming riders.


The AWBA’s mission is to expand the freedom of the wakeboarding culture throughout Asia. Toshiki Yasui, one of Japan’s most decorated up and coming wakeboarders is also involved in producing and organizing the monumental event in hopes of attracting new and younger riders to the sport of wakeboarding.


The WWA Asian Wakeboard Championships are being supported by Miyoshi City. A city that is know for its gorgeous nature and variety of outdoor activities and the fresh emerald green waters of Ikeda Lake. The 2017 Rafting World Championships will also take place in Miyoshi City. Click HERE for more information on Miyoshi City

Miyoshi city rogo

For more information regarding the WWA Asian Wakeboard Championships, email Katsuhiko Susukida, President of the Asian Wakeboard Association.





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