Camarines Sur, Philippines (September 28, 2017) – The Camsur Watersports Complex greeted riders to perfect conditions on day one of the WWA Wake Park World Championships. World-class features and the pressure to perform pushed riders to the limit right out of the gates, giving the crowd an amazing show all day long. A shift in intensity from weeks of preparation and a journey around the world gave way to the competitive spirit of the world’s best wake park athletes as they battle for supremacy in every heat with world titles on the line.

In the Masters Men’s Traditional Semifinal, Robin Leonard Jensen (DEN) threw down to finish in the top spot with switch and regular B/S 540’s off the kickers, an air backmobe, a front-to-blind and a gap B/S 270 onto the double kink rail to highlight his rail hits. Chad Forrest (USA) placed second with a T/S B/S 360 late indy off the kicker and a big roll-to-blind that put him over the top.

Brett Powell (USA) dominated the Boys Traditional division today winning both his quarterfinal and semifinal heats proving he is going to be hard to beat with bangers off of every feature and in every corner. In the Semifinals, Powell hit a F/S 360 rewind off the kicker, a T/S B/S 450 – pretzel out on the CWC signature firecracker transfer rail, and a big Vulcan in the corner to seal the top spot. Loic Deschaux (FRA) took the win in heat two with an S-mobe, a T/S B/S 270 – F/S 270 out firecracker transfer and a T/S B/S 720 off the kicker. Both of these young riders are far ahead of their time with the potential to change the face of wake park riding for years to come. Catch a glimpse into the future in the Boys final on Sunday.

The Pro Wakeskate Division saw runs that looked straight out of a video part with the top finishers putting down some creative runs to utilize everything CWC has to offer. In heat one, Nick Taylor (USA) turned it up on the backstretch after some solid rail hits into a F/S flip, switch B/S bigspin, and a hardflip before capping his run off with a T/S B/S 360 off the kicker. Andy Pastura looked amazing in heat two taking the win with two stand-up passes. Hitting a big shuv off the kicker to start, Pastura went on to hit a F/S bigspin, kickflip, bigspin front board on the flat bar, 360 shuv, switch kickflip, and T/S stale 360 shuv off the kicker to finish with a statement.
The Pro Women are on a level we have never seen before and this event has brought the best of the best. In semifinals heat one, Jamie Lopina (USA) rode away in first, launching to the top of the creeper box – 270 out, to krypt and roll-to-revert in the corner. On the backside she had a solid front-board-pretzel out and an S-bend in the corner before sticking a H/S F/S 540 off the kicker for the win. Julia Rick (GER) looked flawless in heat two, dominating the field with a H/S 540 off the kicker and a B/S 360-B/S 180 out on the double kink before moving on to hit a huge 313 in the corner and s-bend to blind. On the backside, Julia hit a switch T/S lip 270 to pretzel out on the shotgun rail, a 90210 in the corner and a bolts B/S 540 late indy off the kicker.

The Pro Men hit the water tomorrow morning at 8:00 am PHT with the most stacked field of riders we’ve had all season on the WWA Wake Park World Series (WPWS). We kick the day off with Pro Traditional and head into our Amateur and Professional Features Only divisions before heading over to the Plaza for a nighttime CWC winch event.

Tune-in LIVE on Facebook from 8:00 am – 2:30 pm!

CLICK HERE to download results from day one of the WWA Wake Park World Championships.

CLICK HERE to view the daily schedule.

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