Monster Energy WPTC – BSR – Results

WPTC_2014Saturday marked the final day of the fifth year of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown and it was one of the wildest finishes in the series’ history. With both Graeme Burress and Tom Fooshee failing to make it past the quarterfinals, the overall title was open for the taking. This also meant that for the first time in the Monster Energy WPTC Tom Fooshee would not be on top of the overall title podium.

Going into the event Aaron Gunn was in prime position to take the overall title. According to the mathematicians he only need to finish 3rd or better to take the overall title. What the math folks failed to realize though was just how close Chandler Powell was, as well. Aaron Gunn did manage to take 3rd in the Men’s Pro Features event, but Chandler got first. The 100 points for first gave him just enough of an edge over Gunn to get the overall title. Had Chandler gotten 2nd he would not have surpassed Gunn. Had Gunn gotten 2nd instead of 1st, he would have had enough points to be the overall champ. Needless to say, it was an incredible finish at what is by far one of the best wake park facilities in the world.

The action throughout the day for the semifinal and final rounds of the WPTC at BSR was incredible and featured progressive riding from all across the board. Despite a little rain in the morning, the action was on fire – and as the sun came out and the day got warmer, the riding only got better and better. From the Open Women’s division that features two of the tiniest, friendliest, and fearless competitors: Hollie Waldrop (11) and Kaitlyn Adams (10), to the progressive riding of Open Men’s that is right on the heels of the Pros’, to the largest group of riders ever in Pro Women’s Features; the riding across the board throughout the day was top notch.

Congratulations to all the winners and to the WPTC for another incredible year of cable park riding. Thanks to BSR for hosting one of the best events in the history of the WPTC and to sponsors Monster Energy and Liquid Force for making the series possible. Stay tuned to for video coverage from the entire weekend.


Guenther Oka made some noise in the Pro Men’s Features category throughout the weekend


Yonel Cohen is just 15 but already rides like a seasoned pro


Courtney Angus on her way to the top of a couple more podiums at the WPTC


Chandler Powell 900 above some of the crowd at BSR


Little Kaitlyn Adams doesn’t have any fear when it comes to riding in big events


Pro Men’s Features podium:  1st: Chandler Powell  2nd: Yonel Cohen  3rd: Aaron Gunn


Pro Women’s Features podium:  1st: Courtney Angus  2nd: Sophie Hogben  3rd: Anna Nikstad


Wakeskate Podium:  1st: Daniel Grant  2nd: Aaron Reed  3rd: Danny Hampson (after further calculation from judges, 3rd went to Bret Little)


Men’s Pro Cable podium:  1st: Tom Fooshee  2nd: Aaron Gunn  3rd: Chandler Powell


Women’s Pro Cable podium:  1st: Ange Schriber  2nd: Courtney Angus  3rd: Jamie Lopina


Open Men’s Features podium:  1st: Kaden Voges  2nd: Aiden Gunningham  3rd: Christian Moran


Open Women’s Features podium:  1st: Hollie Waldrop  2nd: Kaitlyn Adams

WPTC Overall Podiums


Men’s Pro Features Overall: 1st: Chandler Powell  2nd: Aaron Gunn  3rd: Graeme Burress


Women’s Pro Features Overall: 1st: Courtney Angus  2nd: Sophie Hogben  3rd: Ange Schriber


Wakeskate overall:  1st: Bret Little  2nd: Daniel Grant  3rd: Danny Hampson


Pro Men’s Cable overall:  1st: Tom Fooshee  2nd: Aaron Gunn  3rd: Chandler Powell


Pro Women’s Cable overall:  1st: Courtney Angus  2nd: Ange Schriber  3rd: Jamie Lopina


Open Men’s Features overall:  1st: Kaden Voges  2nd: Brock Baker  3rd: Blake Bishop


Open Women’s Features overall:  1st: Hollie Waldrop  2nd: Kaitlyn Adams

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