Tom Fooshee scores overall titles for both features only and traditional cable in the 2015 Wake Park World Series

All hail the king, as Texas’s own Tom Fooshee makes history as the first ever rider to win both overall championships in the WWA Wake Park World Series. Fooshee remains dominant by earning his 8th overall title in the series nine-year history.


Five Features Only events, four Traditional Cable stops, three continents, two titles and only one rider claims it all. The World Wakeboard Association’s Wake Park World Series took over the globe this year by having the largest field of riders ever throughout the entire world. Riders from all 6 inhabitable continents participated in this year world series stops. Over twenty nationalities were represented this season throughout the series. Since inception in 2007, the amount of riders has increased every year, making 2015 the best season to date.

The 2015 Features Only series kicked off in March for the grand opening of Miami Watersports Complex. Daniel Grant, from Thailand, found himself in his normal spot on top of the podium. The 2nd stop of the Wake Park World Series took us back to MWC, but this time with two Professional Men national titles on the line. Tom Fooshee swept both categories and now was in the drivers seat with just three events remaining. For the next stop, the WWA series headed west to the lone star state for the Malibu Houston Pro. Wakeboarding’s own paparazzi favorite Chandler Powell, snagged himself a double victory dominating like his girlfriend had been doing on Dancing with the Stars. From there, we traveled all the way to the Middle East for the big daddy of them all, the WWA Wake Park World Championships. Australia represented well as Aaron Gunn took the Features Only World Title while Germany’s Dominik Guehrs earned his second World Championship in Traditional. The 2015 Wake Park World Series came to a close in Phuket Thailand at International Wake Park. Sebastian “Busty” Dunn followed Chandler and Tom’s ways by sweeping both professional categories to close out the season.

The 2015 WPWS Professional Men’s Features Only crowned Tom Fooshee, his first ever Features Only overall title. Joining him on the podium was John Dreiling in second and Chandler Powell in third overall. The Professional Men’s Traditional cable category also saw Fooshee claiming the overall title, this one however was the 7th time in his career for Traditional Cable. Runner up, Chandler Powell gave Tom fierce competition all season long as they battled it out for the championship. Rookie Jake Pelot surprised everyone by finishing third overall. Look for each of these riders and plenty more to be even hungrier for a 2016 WPWS overall title next year.

Each and every year the series continues to grow and evolve to accommodate rider’s needs by each stop being hosted at the world’s best wake parks. The World Wakeboard Association President Shannon Starling’s life has been devoted to the association’s involvement in the best wakeboard events on the planet. “The WPWS is the premier event series in the world in wake park riding. We make sure to only bring the series to parks that can give riders the best possible course and give the audiences the best show there is to see in cable wakeboarding. Tom Fooshee has made his mark in wake by dominating the series since it originated in 2007, adding another two titles this year to his impressive resume. Year after year he has shown the world that he deserves his nickname as the King of the Cable”. Says Starling.


Tom Fooshee reflects after winning both overall titles. “Winning these two overall titles this year was something extra special to me. I had made some serious changes to my life this year with winning this overall series being the goal and purpose behind it all. The riding in the series has progressed far beyond where I ever thought it would be. There are so many different riders that are each very capable of winning each series stop. I would like to thank my wife, my family, all my sponsors that have my back, and all the friends and coworkers of mine that have helped me reach the level I am at.  I cannot wait for the WPWS in 2016 as it continues to get bigger and better every year. God bless!”

The 2015 wakeboard season comes to a close this year with a banger of a season. The WWA would like to congratulate Tom Fooshee and all the other riders that participated in the WPWS on a successful season. The 2016 WPWS schedule is being set as we speak and we are excited to announce the schedule as soon as possible. See you all in 2016!

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