Abu Dhabi, A Destination of Distinction

The 2012 WWA Wake Park World Championships hosted by Al Forsan International Sports Resort are coming up fast and that means it’s time to start booking your trip to Abu Dhabi over December 6-8, 2012. Wakeboarders and wakeskaters from all over the world will be traveling to this fascinating city that seamlessly blends tradition with modern marvels.

Planning any trip can be a daunting process, especially with your mind already focused on the upcoming contest. From flight information, local transportation, to things to see and do in the area, we’ve compiled a bit of information to make your trip to Abu Dhabi one you’ll remember and look fondly on for years to come.

Things to do in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi offers many once in a lifetime travel experiences. Camel riding, sand boarding, and balloon expeditions are just a few of the things to do in the area. If you’re a motorsport fan, then Ferrari World and Yas Marina Circuit are perfect for you. There are a number of unique track experiences at each attraction. Shopping addicts will enjoy browsing the modern malls and more traditional souks for the best designer fashions as well as traditional spices, carpets and textiles. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the largest Mosques in the World, to experience the mosque in full effect, stop by for the sunset tour.

Visit What to See for more information on sightseeing in Abu Dhabi.

Creamfields Abu Dhabi, the world’s No.1 dance festival, will be taking place on Friday, December 7th. David Guetta and Armin van Buuren will be headlining the event. Click Here for more information on Creamfields Abu Dhabi.

Flight Info
Flights to Abu Dhabi range in price depending on the area you’ll be travelling from. The following are the starting prices for round-trip flights from some major cities around the world:

  • Orlando, USA: $1,200
  • London, England: £375
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA: $1,200
  • Munich, Germany: €450
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: R$2838
  • Tokyo, Japan: ¥119730
  • Vancouver, Canada: $1,700
  • Bangkok, Thailand: ฿19055
  • Paris, France: €535
  • Sydney, Australia: AU$2000
  • Moscow, Russia: RUB15475
  • Beijing, China: 元4909

Local Culture and Heritage
One of the main areas that most visitors seems to be curious about when visiting Abu Dhabi is the local culture.

Clothing attitudes are open-minded but a bit of modesty can go a long way. Showing to much skin is likely to draw negative attention. The end of the year is considered the ideal weather conditions for visitors. The temperature ranges from around 75F during the day to 56F at night. Packing modest summer clothing and a light jacket would be ideal.

The food options in Abu Dhabi are incredibly diverse. Local dishes are highly infused with spices and nuts. Fish is a main staple of local cuisine, with pork being banned across the area. Non-Muslims can consume pork in certain restaurants; dishes containing pork will be clearly marked on menus. Coffee and fresh juices are considered a specialty of the area.

Local Culture and Heritage information here

Local Transpertation
There are multiple ways of getting around the city which include, taxi-cabs, buses, and car rentals.

Local taxi-cabs are sufficient and second to none, they’re always readily available and inexpensive.

Taxi Fares:

Day Time – 6:00 am to 10:00 pm    AED US$
Flagfall (starting fee)3.50 0.95
Every 1km up to 50km1.60 0.43
Over 50km1.69 0.64
Every 1 minute of waiting time (First 5 minutes free)  0.50 0.13
Booking through Call Centre3.00 0.80
Night Time – 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM 
Flagfall (starting fee)           4.00 1.09
Every 1km up to 50km1.69 0.46
Over 50km1.69 0.46
Every 1 minute of waiting time (First 5 minutes free)0.50 0.13
Booking through Call Centre4.00 1.09

Buses are the lest expensive way to get around, fares are AED 3 for a one day pass. Click here for more bus information.

Car rental will give you the most freedom while traveling around the region; however, it is also the most expensive. Click here for additional car rental and parking information.

Local Currency:
The local currency is the UAE dirham ($1 US dollar=3.67 UAE Dirham) Credit Card and debit cards are widely accepted in the area.

Hopefully the information provided has given you a bit of what to expect when visiting the area. We look forward to seeing everyone there and wish you a safe and fulfilling trip to Abu Dhabi!

For more detailed visitor information visit: visitabudhabi.ae

About Wake Park Worlds
The 2012 WWA Wake Park World Championships hosted by Al Forsan International Sports Resort (wakeparkworlds.com) is the final stop of the 2012 WWA Wake Park World Series season. Wake Park Worlds is open to all ages and abilities; for registration visit wakeparkworlds.com/registration. Make sure to stay up-to-date and interactive by following us on our Wake Park Worlds specific sites at:

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The WWA is the world’s premier provider of amateur and professional wakeboard events, sanctioning and rules, developed by riders, for riders. www.thewwa.com

About Al Forsan
The Al Forsan International Sports resort aspires to be an internationally-recognized and top-rated world-class resort by leisure professionals, as well as companies and families. By consistently providing first-rate service and state-of-the-art facilities, it will establish itself as the major sports hub for regional events, setting new standards for international sports and leisure experiences. www.alforsan.com

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