Acworth Kicks Off Opening Day of the  U.S. Wakeboard National Championships 

ACWORTH, Ga. (July 27, 2016) – The opening day of the Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships kicked off with amateur qualifying at the Dallas Landing Park, which is located on the beautiful water of Lake Allatoona. Riders anxiously awaited their opportunity to get in the water and ride behind 3X wakeboard boat of the year, the Super Air Nautique G23. There was no shortage of action on the water as both, boys and girls, of all ages and skill levels showcased top-notch talent here at the fourth stop of the Nautique Wake Series.

A talented lineup was on hand as the Jr. Men’s (14-18) division began their initial qualifying runs with the semifinals. Darin Delgado (CA) started out the week with an impressive run by pulling huge tricks and setting the tempo early to capture the highest score in Heat 1. The second heat went to Noah Wildman (IN) with an 86.67, while consistency helped Mitch Kappler (NC) secure the win in Heat 3. The trio will certainly bring it up another gear for tomorrows Finals.

In the highly anticipated Jr. Women’s (14-18) division, multiple heavy hitters made the trek to The Peach State for a chance to become U.S. Wakeboard National Champion against the best riders in the nation. A high-flying run by Shannon Sahinbas (FL) allowed her to take control with a score of 83.33 to win the Semifinals, just ahead of Ellery Hunt (SC) with a solid run in second. Alyssa Williams (NV) rounded out the top three.

The Boy’s (10-13) division is always one of the most exciting at any wakeboarding event across the globe. Some of the youngest riders competing throughout the weekend performed at an insane level behind Nautique’s incredible G23 wake perfectly tuned for each division. Rocker Steiner (TX) carried the momentum from his successful season to take the Semifinals win in Heat 1. Tyler Worrall (FL) and Fynn Bullock-Womble (NC) led the way in the second and third heats, respectively.

Kira Lewis (NJ) nailed a combination of technical trick variations to grab the judge’s attention and cruise to victory in the Jr. Girls (9&Under) Heat 1. An intense battle during Heat 2 ensued between Palmer Howell (AL) and Allison Lavrack (NC), however, Howell capped off her run with the upper hand behind the Super Air Nautique G23.

The Amateur Wakeskate Semifinals had the crowd on the edge of their seats as they battled head-to-head for the bragging rights before heading into Thursday’s Finals. In the end, Brandon Wolcott (FL) outperformed the competition to grab the top spot, followed closely by Francisco Cabezas (FL).

In the Women’s Wakeskate Semifinals, Kyla Hendricks (WI) lead the way en route to an impressive run during the events opening day of competition. Despite using the G23’s massive wake to land huge tricks, Piper Harris (FL) was forced to settle for second, while Kira Lewis (NJ) was credited with third.

The second day of the Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships is set to kick off at 8am EST on Thursday, July 28 as up-and-coming stars battle for their respective championships in the Amateur finals. This action packed weekend has already seen riders competing at the top of their game with the Super Air Nautique G23’s perfect pull stepping up the level of tricks riders are able to incorporate in their contest runs. Join us at Dallas Landing Park through Saturday to witness the intense competition on the water along with on-site displays from Nautique boats, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Fox, and more!

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Dedicated to progressing the sport from the ground up, the Nautique Wake Series puts riders first, developing the stars of tomorrow and showcasing the top athletes of today. The addition of the WWA Wakeboard World Championships provides athletes the perfect platform throughout the entire season with every major event held behind the Super Air Nautique G23.

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As the organizer and sanctioning body of the 2016 Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships presented by Rockstar Energy, the World Wakeboard Association would like to thank all of its partners for their support in making the event possible, including Nautique Boat Company and Rockstar Energy Drink.

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Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard National Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy
Dallas Landing Park – Acworth, Georgia
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jr. Boy’s Beginner (9&Under) – Semifinals Heat 01:

  1. Kaiden Powell (KS) – 86.67
  2. Bret Porter (MD) – 66.67
  3. Zippy Meek (FL) – 40.00
Jr. Girls (9&Under) – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Kira Lewis (NJ) – 76.67
  2. Bailey Brown (KY) – 66.67
  1. Sydney Sky Litjens (NV) – 48.33
  2. Howell McGowan (AL) – 40.00
Jr. Girls (9&Under) – Semifinals Heat 02:
  1. Palmer Howell (AL) – 86.67
  2. Madison Lavrack (NC) – 70.00
  1. Allison Lavrack (NC) – 65.00
  2. Liza Sitnikova (CA) – 46.67
Girls (10-13) – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Mary Morgan Howell (AL) – 88.33
  2. Sofia Mendez (FL) – 75.00
  1. Jordan Wolfe (NC) – 56.67
  2. Emily Hannum (CO) – 38.33
Girls (10-13) – Semifinals Heat 02: 
  1. Hollie Waldrop (FL) – 80.00
  2. Kyla Hendricks (WI) – 65.00
  1. Elle Christenson (UT) – 58.33
  2. Piper Harris (FL) – 50.00
Boy’s Beginner (10-13) – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Karson Prowse (MI) – 70.00
  2. Beau Porter (MD) – 56.67
  3. Ayden Lamb (AR) – 46.67
  4. Tyler Toberman (NC) – 36.67
  5. Maddox Meek (FL) – 26.67
Amateur Wakeskate – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Brandon Wolcott (FL) – 73.33
  2. Francisco Cabezas (FL) – 53.33
Women’s Wakeskate – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Kyla Hendricks (WI) – 75.00
  2. Piper Harris (FL) – 56.67
  3. Kira Lewis (NJ) – 45.00
Jr. Boy’s (9&Under) – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Gavin Stuckey (FL) – 73.33
  2. Laird Stidham (IN) – 56.67
  3. Maxim Sitnikov (CA) – 36.67
Jr. Women (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Shannon Sahinbas (FL) – 83.33
  2. Ellery Hunt (SC) – 76.67
  3. Alyssa Williams (NV) – 56.67
  4. Lexi Gonzales (CA) – 43.33
  1. Aliza Capen (TX) – 28.33
  2. Katelyn Ralph (AR) – 20.00
Masters Women – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Kaley McNay (OR) – 60.00
  2. Ashleigh Nyborg (NC) – 13.33
Veterans Women – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Joy Manning (VA) – 71.67
  2. Jodi Vermillion (OH) – 58.33
  3. Kat Laird (TX) – 43.33
  4. Susan Sheehan (TX) – 36.67
Boy’s (10-13) – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Rocker Steiner (TX) – 81.67
  2. Kai Stidham (IN) – 70.00
  1. Daniel Johnson (NC) – 65.00
  2. Kevin Duffy (FL) – 53.33
Boy’s (10-13) – Semifinals Heat 02:
  1. Tyler Worrall (FL) – 70.00
  2. Thomas Herman (IN) – 63.33
  1. Brett Powell (KS) – 56.67
  2. Alex Albin (CA) – 48.33
  3. Cody Hunnicutt (GA) – 40.00
Boy’s (10-13) – Semifinals Heat 03:
  1. Fynn Bullock-Womble (NC) – 90.00
  2. Benjamin Brown (KY) – 73.33
  1. Beaux Wildman (IN) – 40.00
  2. Parker Swope (TX) – 31.67
  3. Braydan Sims (CA) – 10.00
Jr. Men (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Darin Delgado (CA) – 73.33
  2. Kenny Prowse (MI) – 53.33
  1. Joey Gallagher (FL) – 46.67
  2. Andrew Watson (FL) – 35.00
  3. Gray Liles (NC) – 33.33
Jr. Men (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 02:
  1. Noah Wildman (IN) – 86.67
  2. Andy Birch (AZ) – 63.33
  1. Dylan Sexton (TX) – 50.00
  2. Crew Christenson (UT) – 36.67
Jr. Men (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 03:
  1. Mitch Kappler (NC) – 73.33
  2. Johnathon Wilkes (GA) – 60.00
  1. Aaron Hannum (CO) – 40.00
  2. Bart Porter (MD) – 25.00
  3. Gus Reed (CO) – 23.33
Men’s II (25-29) – Semifinals Heat 01:
1. Tom Pazerunas (IL) – 95.00

Veterans (40&Over) – Semifinals Heat 01:

  1. Christopher Full (WI) – 76.67
  2. Steve Jones (CO) – 63.33
  1. Darren Holsey (OR) – 59.17
  2. Matthew Vermillion (OH) – 50.00
Veterans (40&Over) – Semifinals Heat 02:
  1. Dayle Cartwright (FL) – 85.00
  2. Kevin Michael (FL) – 68.33
  1. Thomas McNeely (GA) – 40.00
  2. Carl Erickson (FL) – 39.33
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Photo Credit: Maria Kuzminova

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