Amateur Competition Kicks Off Day Two of the Nautique Wake Open Presented by Rockstar

ORLANDO (April 22, 2016) – The second day of the Nautique Wake Open presented by Rockstar Energy kicked off with amateur divisions beginning their elimination qualifiers, along with the Pro Wakeskate Semifinals. Temperatures in the low 80’s and sunny-blue skies provided optimal weather for riders of all ages and skill levels who were on hand to compete behind the award-winning Super Air Nautique G23 at the second stop of the Nautique Wake Series, the only series that puts riders first.

Pro Wakeskate qualifying boasted an incredibly talented lineup of riders, who were set to compete in the Semifinals as they battled to earn their position in Sunday’s main show. At the end of qualifying, Brian Grubb (USA), Reed Hansen (USA) and Brandon Thomas (USA) led the way winning their respective heats.

“I’m blessed to be back healthy and riding again,” said Team Nautique Rider Brandon Thomas. “The wake behind the G23 is massive and it felt like I was floating out there. I just went out wanting to show everyone what wakeskating is all about and I’m looking forward to carrying the momentum into the final on Sunday.”

In the Men I Semifinals, Jared Franco (USA) demonstrated his skills riding the wake of the industry-leading G23 to take the top spot. The Men II Semifinals witnessed a solid performance from Corbin Blanton (USA) as he relied on his flashy style to sit atop the scoring sheets.

Zoe Small
 Talented female athletes took the water as their respective classes began the opening round of elimination, including Allison Lavrack (USA) grabbing the upper hand in the Jr. Girls (9&under) Semifinals. Hollie Waldrop (USA) lead the way in the Girls (10-13), while Julia Meyer (GER) jumped to the top of Master’s Women (30-39) Semifinals.
Zoe Small 2
There was no shortage of action throughout the day, which included Kevin Duffy (USA) and Daniel Johnson (USA) engaging in an intense battle for bragging rights in the Boy’s (10-13) Semifinals. The Jr. Boy’s (9&under) Semifinals watched Maxim Sitnikov (USA) lay down one of the most impressive runs of the day ahead of Xavier Olea (MEX).

Some of the day’s best action took place in the Jr. Men (14-18) Semifinals as multiple riders dueled for the opportunity to advance to the Finals. Noah Fedorovich (USA) recorded an impressive variation of tricks in the Boy’s Beginner (10-13) Semifinals.

Kevco Small 2
Dayle Cartwright (USA) faced stiff competition as he emerged victorious in the Veterans (40&Over) Semifinal just ahead of Kevin Michael (USA) in the runner-up position.

The Nautique Wake Open is set to kick off at 8:30AM on Saturday, April 23 for day three of the event, which will include Pro Men’s Quarterfinals, Pro Women’s Semifinals and Amateur Finals.

As the organizer and sanctioning body of the 2016 Nautique Wake Open presented by Rockstar Energy, the World Wakeboard Association would like to thank all of its partners for their support in making the event possible, including Nautique Boat Company and Rockstar Energy Drink.

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Nautique Wake Open Presented by Rockstar Energy
Orlando Watersports Complex – Orlando, Florida
Friday, April 22, 2016

Master’s Women (30-39) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Julia Meyer (GER) – 66.67 

Amateur Wakeskate – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Francisco Cabezas (USA) – 53.33

Women’s Wakeskate – Semi Finals Heat 01: 
1. Piper Harris (USA) – 66.67

Jr. Boy’s (9&Under) – Semi Finals Heat 01: 
1. Maxim Sitnikov (USA) – 61.67 
2. Xavier Olea (MEX) – 53.33

Boy’s (10-13) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Kevin Duffy (USA) – 81.67 
2. Daniel Johnson (USA) – 71.67 
3. Rocker Steiner ( USA) – 67.33
4. Brett Powell (USA) – 45.00 
5. Cody Hunnicutt (USA) – 40.67
6. Jamie Huser (SUI) – 28.33
7. Thomas Herman (USA) – 21.67

Jr. Girls (9&Under) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Allison Lavrack (USA) – 62.67
2. Madison Lavrack (USA) – 60.00 

Girls (10-13) – Semi Finals Heat 01: 
1. Hollie Waldrop (USA) – 70.33
2. Mary Morgan Howell (USA) – 66.00
3. Elle Christensen (USA) – 60.00
4. Sofia Mendez (USA) – 51.00
5. Piper Harris (USA) – 46.67
6. Jordan Wolfe (USA) – 41.00

Jr. Boy’s Beginner (9&Under) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Christian Meek (USA) – 75.00

Boy’s Beginner (10-13) – Semi Finals Heat 01: 
1. Noah Fedorovich (USA) – 78.00
2. Maddox Meek (USA) – 65.00 

Men’s I (19-24) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Jared Franco (USA) – 82.33
2. Dylan Wittman (USA) – 70.67
3. Cole Harms (USA) – 43.33
4. Andrew Mackenzie (USA) – 35.33

Men’s I (19-24) – Semi Finals Heat 02:
1. Woody White (USA) – 78.33
2. Adam Rahman (USA) – 56.00 
3. Jordan Plummer (USA) – 46.00
4. Tyven Zalloum (USA) – 39.33
5. Joshua Nolan (USA) – 38.00

Men’s II (19-24) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Corbin Blanton (USA) – 72.67 
2. Bob Chinn (USA) – 67.00 
3. Josh Summers (USA) – 56.00 
4. Danny Groves (USA) – 54.67
5. Ben Vens (USA) – 49.00

Veterans (40&Over) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Dayle Cartwright (USA) – 70.00 
2. Kevin Michael (USA) – 61.67 
3. Mike Comrie (USA) – 48.33
4. Eric Roberts (USA) – 40.00 

Pro Wakeskate – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Brian Grubb (USA) – 81.67 
2. Austin Polterock (USA) – 65.00 
3. Jacob Ramsdell (USA) – 48.33

Pro Wakeskate – Semi Finals Heat 02:
1. Reed Hansen (USA) – 76.67
2. Coco Mendez (USA) – 66.67
3. Nick Taylor (USA) – 60.00

Pro Wakeskate – Semi Finals Heat 03:
1. Brandon Thomas (USA) – 71.67 
2. James Balzer (CAN) – 50.00 
3. Danny Hampson (USA) – 38.33

Jr. Women (14-18) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Zoe Luquette (USA) – 61.67 

Jr. Men (14-18) – Semi Finals Heat 01:
1. Jimmy McClure (USA) – 82.00
2. Mikey Conrady (USA) – 75.00
3. Andy Birch (USA) – 48.33
4. Crew Christensen (USA) – 23.33

Jr. Men (14-18) Semi Finals Heat 02: 
1. Sky Berninghaus (SUI) – 65.67
2. Cody Wahl (CAN) – 57.33
3. Johnathon Landa (USA) – 52.33
4. Gray Liles (USA) – 48.00
5. Tyler Lindsay (CAN) – 43.00

Jr. Men (14-18) Semi Finals Heat 03: 
1. Jorge Alberto Perez Gordillo (MEX) – 84.00
2. Bryce Grey (AUS) – 79.67
3. Andrew Watson (USA) – 69.67
4. Joey Gallagher (USA) – 67.67
5. Josh McConnell (AUS) – 61.33

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