Composition Overview – Wake Park


The score in this category is the riders overall usage of the course. How did the rider incorporate the features with flat tricks, while producing the best variety of maneuvers possible. Composition is how the rider made the whole run flow from start to finish looking at variety, flow and creativity. Some questions a judge would consider when formulating a score for this category are as follows:

  1. Was there a good balance of feature and rail tricks?
  2. Did the rider do handle passed tricks and/or land wrapped?
  3. Did the rider have variations of grabs?
  4. Did the rider have variations of spin rotations (clockwise vs. counter-clockwise)?
  5. Who linked tricks, and features together better?
  6. Did they put flat tricks between the features to maximize the run or did they pass upfeatures to do flat tricks?
  1. Did the riders have their course planned out, and did the tricks flow from one toanother easily?
  2. Who had more grabs, tweaks, off-axis, switch, backside, and noticeableuniqueness?
  1. Where did the rider put the hardest trick in their pass?
  2. Was there any wasted course space? Was the entire length of course used to full


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