Congrats Matt Sims, The 2nd Golden Ticket Winner!!!

For Immediate Release:

From Guntersville, Alabama (June 8, 2011) – The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour and The World Wakeboard Association (WWA) in affiliation with have just awarded Alabama Wakeboarder, Matt Sims, with the 2nd Golden Ticket of 2011!

Photo by: Ian Zinner

Golden Ticket Winner, Matt Sims States, “This is a great opportunity for me, and a huge motivator. It gives me a chance to compete against the top 40 wakeboarders in the World… It’s time to step it up!”

In it’s 4th year, the Spring 2 Summer (S2S) wakeboard event, held on Lake Guntersville June 3-5, has been an event that wakeboarders and fans look forward to all year long. Attendees travel from all over the South to catch some of the best wakeboarding and fun the South has to offer. This year’s S2S was a little different than in the past; this year the PWT and the WWA’s Golden Ticket was awarded. Alabama wakeboard legend and JD Webb’s ex-roomate, Matt Sims from Jasper, AL, has been making spectators awe at his natural talent for the better half of the past decade. And with this Golden Ticket, he will be given the chance to make the Knoxville MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour something to get excited about.

“Having the WWA involved really helped the advertising of the event. Had people from Florida and Kentucky driving to the event that were already WWA members.” Dustin Middlebrooks, President; “Looking forward to working with the WWA on all future events. Axis Wake Research has got the wake figured out on the A22. Everyone loved the wake and the boat.”

Click Here for to read more on the Golden Ticket!

Results from S2S

1st Matt Sims
2nd Alex Graydon
3rd Ben Allbright

1st Brad Riddick
2nd Steven Sims
3rd TJ Allen

1st Jathan Stisher
2nd Cole Vanthof
3rd John Hancock

1st Russell Brightwell
2nd Alex Haney
3rd Edgar Perez

1st Evan Shaver
2nd Gage Hatfield
3rd Josh Hollis Kist

1st Jenna Hatfield
2nd Ashby Frazier
3rd Kelly McCollum

1st Hollie Waldrop
2nd Hannah Harris
3rd Taylor White

Photos by: Ian Zinner

Please Contact Rob Corum for additional information:
Rob Corum
Executive Director of Events
The World Wakeboard Association
p. 863-875-6929

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