Daily Schedule for the Air Nautique WWA US Wakeboard Nationals presented by Rockstar

10:00 am           Amateur Women Semifinal
10:15 am           Girls Semifinals
10:30 am           Masters Women Semifinals
10:45 am           Veterans Women
11:00 am           Amateur Wakeskate Semifinals
11:15 am           Pro Women Wakeskate Semifinals
11:30 am           Masters Semifinals
11:45 am           Veterans Semifinals
12:30 pm-1:30 pm Men I Semifinals

9:00 am            Amateur Women Final
9:15 am            Amateur Wakeskate Finals
9:30 am            Pro Women Wakeskate Finals
9:45 am            Masters Women Finals
10:00 am           Veterans Women Finals
10:15 am           Girls Finals
10:45 am           Jr. BOYS BEGINNER Semifinals
11:30 am           Jr. Boys Semifinals
11:30 am           Men II Semifinals
11:45 am           Masters Finals
12:00 pm           Veterans Finals
12:30 pm           Men I Finals
1:00 pm            Pro VETERANS Semifinals
1:00 pm            Jr. Men Semifinals
3:00 pm-5:00 pm Jr. PRO MEN Quarterfinals
Awards Ceremony

FRIDAY, July 16
9:00 am            Pro Wakeskate Quarterfinals
9:45 am            Jr. BOYS BEGINNER Finals
10:30 am           Jr. Boys Finals
10:30 am           Junior Women Semifinals
11:00 am           Boys BEGINNER Semifinals
11:45 am           Boys Quarterfinals
12:30 pm           Men II Finals
1:00 pm            Pro VETERANS Finals
1:00 pm            Jr. Men Finals
1:30 pm            Jr. PRO MEN Semifinals
2:30 pm-4:00 pm  Pro Women Quarterfinals

9:00 am            Boys BEGINNER Finals
9:30 am            Boys Semifinals
10:15 am           Pro Wakeskate Semifinals
11:00 am           Pro Women Semifinals
12:30 am-5:30 pm Pro Men Quarterfinals

SUNDAY, July 18
9:30 am            Boys Finals
10:00 am           Junior Women Finals
10:30 am           Jr. PRO MEN Finals
11:00 am           Awards Ceremony- Boys and Jr. Women
11:15 am           Pro Men Semifinals
1:30 pm            Pro Wakeskate Finals
2:00 pm            Pro Women Finals
3:00 pm            Pro Men Finals
4:00 pm            Awards Ceremony