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Quest ATX Nationals Traditional & Features Only Qualifier

July 16, 2021

Compete locally to qualify for the 2021 WWA Wakepark National Championships at Elite Cable Park August 1-4th!

2021 Nautique WWA Wakepark National Championships

Quest ATX will be participating in the WWA Points Chase series and will be hosting a one-day event on Friday, July 16th, 2021. Both Traditional and Features Only competitions will be held to qualify for the August WWA Nationals Points Chase Event at Elite Cable Park in Auburndale, Florida.  All qualifying riders will represent team Quest.

Top three riders from each division qualify while those placing 4th and 5th will be able to attend Nationals as alternates.

We will hold Traditional in the morning and Features Only in the afternoon.

Traditional Format:

Each rider will be judged based off their best “front stretch only” line. For time efficiency purposes, the traditional competition will only be the front stretch of the cable lake. Each qualifying heat will allow every rider to have two runs (we take the score from the best run of the 2).

To break that down, the rider will leave the dock and once they have hit the water, the rider will hit as many features creating their best lines down the front stretch. If the rider successfully gets to the end of the front stretch, they will then complete one lap without hitting anything on the back stretch (the rider’s run is complete if rider falls on back stretch and no points are received if any features on back stretch are hit). Once the rider gets back to Motor Tower, they will have one outside kicker hit (our cable spins clockwise). That will complete the riders traditional run.

Percentages of each feature for Traditional and Features only will soon be announced after the park setup is confirmed for the competition.

Features Only Format:

Features only format TBA with features setup change.

We welcome all to participate!

Traditional Cable Divisions
• Beginner Wakeboard
• Amateur Wakeskate
• Novice Wakeboard
• Intermediate Wakeboard
• Advanced Wakeboard
• Professional Wakeskate
• Professional Wakeboard

Features Only Divisions
• Pro Men
• Women (at Nationals both Pro and Open)
• Masters Ages 30+ (at Nationals both Masters 30-39 & Veterans 40+)
• Open Ages 19 – 29
• Juniors Ages 15 – 18
• Kids Ages 10 – 14
• Groms Age 9 & under

Features Only: No Restrictions

Traditional Cable:
Beginner Wakeboard:
Kickers: Spins – Front Side 180s Only, Add some style! No Inverts
Air Tricks: No Air tricks, Ollie 180 front side and backside and slaeshing
Rails: Judges Discretion (No Transfers)

Amateur Wakeskate:
Kickers: Spins – Frontside 180’s, HS & TS Airs (NO: BS spins or FS 360 or more, no shuv or flip tricks off)
Flats Tricks: Shuv FS & BS, 180 body varials, 180’s fs & bs (NO: 360 shuv, Big Spins & Flip Tricks)
Rails: Riding them, spins up to 360 on them, 1 shuv either off or on top of, not onto the box or rail. (NO: Everything else)

Novice Wakeboard:
Kickers: Spins – Front Side 360s and backside 180s Only. One Basic Invert allowed in Run
Air Tricks: Ollie 180 and 360 both front side and backside. One Air Trick (Only: Railey, Roll, Roll to Revert or Krypt) can be done in the run.
Rails: Judges Discretion

Intermediate Wakeboard:
Kickers: Spins – Front Side 540s and backside 360s Only. All Basic Inverts allowed in Run (No 360 Inverts or blind landing inverts)
Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, No Blind Landing Tricks or mobes. (S-Bends & Vulcans are allowed)
Rails: Judges Discretion

Advanced Wakeboard:
Kickers: Spins – Front Side 720s and backside 540s Only. All Basic Inverts, basic blind tricks and 360 inverts without a handle pass are allowed in Run (No handle pass 360 Inverts)
Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, Blind Landing Tricks allowed. HS Mobes are only full twisting invert allowed in run. (S-toBlinds are allowed)
Rails: Judges Discretion

Professional Wakeskate & Wakeboard:
No Restrictions


July 16, 2021


Quest ATX
(512) 298-9370


Points Chase


Quest ATX
10815 Fm 1625
Austin, TX 78747 United States
+ Google Map
(512) 298-9370
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