We’re grateful to have Boatmate as an event partner at our Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships, Nautique USA National Wakesurf Championships and Nautique Wakesurf Masters Championships. Not only does Boatmate help get the event towboats to their destination all summer long, they support the sport through giving back to the athletes and education on trailer safety!



Towing your boat will impact how any vehicle drives. The larger the boat in comparison to the tow vehicle, the greater the performance impact will be. For this reason, knowing the overall weight of your boat and trailer in comparison to what your vehicle is capable of towing is critical to you and your family safely enjoying a day at the lake. Vehicle manufacturers provide a “Tow Rating” which is the maximum weight of the towed trailer. The GVWR of the trailer, which is listed on the VIN tag located on the front inside of the trailer frame rail, should never exceed the tow rating of your vehicle. Please also specifically read your tow vehicle owner’s manual as some vehicles do have a capable tow rating, but require additional accessories to achieve that rating (please see “weight distribution hitches” below).

There are many options on the market for properly hitching your trailer to your tow vehicle. Understanding the requirements of the coupler on your trailer as well as the equipment available to install on your tow vehicle are critical elements to ensuring a safe and smooth towing experience. After reviewing your Boatmate Trailers Owner’s Packet to understand the requirements of your coupler please select the proper hitch, receiver, and ball for your tow vehicle. Please keep in mind that not only must you select the correct size for the coupler and your vehicle, but the capacity of the hitch, receiver, and ball must also meet or exceed the GVWR of your trailer. Once you have the correct equipment familiarize yourself with seating the coupler all the way on the ball and ensuring the coupler is securely latched.

Understanding the many components that make up your trailer is important to ensure you are ready to tow safely. It is important to understand the importance of properly functioning brakes, properly inflated and rated tires, properly torqued wheel lug nuts, safety chains, emergency break away cables, and properly working lights in order to tow safely. Many of these components should be part of your safety check every time you tow while some only require periodic maintenance. Please refer to your Boatmate Trailers Owner’s Packet for specific information.


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