Fooshee Wins Pro Features and Windsor Wins Pro Cable at the First Stop of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown at Cajun X Cables

Triple_Crown_LogoThe King Tom Fooshee wins Pro Features and James Windsor wins Pro Cable at the first stop of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown at Cajun X Cables

The finals of the first stop of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown at Cajun X Cables in Lafayette are complete and The King of the Cable, Tom Fooshee still stands at the top of the podium … but not in Pro Men’s Cable … in Pro Men’s Features. In Pro Men’s Cable Austrian ripper James Windsor reminded everyone why he is a WWA Wake Park World Champion and took first place in the combination rails and cable maneuver focused division.

CM9H7924Tom Fooshee showed everyone why he has been the most dominant cable wakeboarder in history and with only seconds remaining the in the Pro Men’s Features event he stomped a perfect Pete Rose 540 on the kicker then a front 3 on to nose press and back three off the tech rail to solidify his win. Graeme Burress was right there in second place with his super creative lines and aggressive approach. Young guns John Drelling and Australian Sebastian Dunn rounded out the heat in 3rd and 4th respectively.

As everyone saw on Friday, the youth riders movement was lead by Sebastian Dunn from Australia as he was the only rider besides Tom Fooshee to make both professional finals. Sebastian consistently stomped perfect backside 1080’s and had incredible hits all around the park this weekend.

See below for full results from the day and come back to to see more photos and videos from the event throughout the week.

CAJUN  X                                        June 28, 2014



Open Women’s Features
Finals          Heat #:  01
1 Cash, Ashley        USA 96.50
2 Waldrop, Hollie   USA 93.50
3 Adams, Kaitlyn    USA 52.00

Open Men’s Features
Finals          Heat #:  01
  1 Bishop, Blake     USA 97.50
  2 Voges, Kayden   USA 89.00
  3 Vaccari, Nick      USA 83.50
4 Baker, Brock        USA 28.00

Women’s Professional
Finals          Heat #:  01
1 Angus, Courtney  AUS 97.50
2 Schriber, Angelika SA 92.50
3 Nikstad, Anna      USA 68.00

Men’s Professional
Finals          Heat #:  01
  1 Windsor, James AUS 97.50
  2 Gunn, Aaron       AUS 91.00
  3 Dunn, Sebastian AUS 79.50
4 Fooshee, Tom     USA 61.50

Professional WakeSkate
Finals          Heat #:  01
  1 Little, Bret           USA 80.00
  2 Buys, Matty         USA 60.00
  3 Norman, Joshua USA 50.00
4 McDougall, Ian   USA 40.00

Women’s Professional Features
Finals          Heat #:  01
  1 Angus, Courtney AUS 96.50
  2 Schriber, Angelika SA 91.50
  3 Hogben, Sophie  USA 79.50
4 Nikstad, Anna      USA 72.50

Men’s Professional Features
Finals          Heat #:  01
  1 Fooshee, Tom     USA 93.00
  2 Burress, Graeme USA 86.50
  3 Dreiling, John     USA 83.00
4 Dunn, Sebastian  AUS 77.50


Professional WakeSkate
Semi Finals      Heat #:  01
1 McDougall, Ian     USA
2 Norman, Joshua  USA
3 Cobb, Mitch        USA

Professional WakeSkate
Semi Finals          Heat #: 02
1 Buys, Matty          USA
2 Little, Bret           USA
3 Linedecker, Caleb USA

Open Women’s Features
Semi Finals      Heat #:  01
1 Waldrop, Hollie   USA 100.00
2 Adams, Kaitlyn    USA 31.50
3 Cash, Ashley        USA 27.00

Open Men’s Features
Semi Finals      Heat #:  01
1 Baker, Brock        USA 100.00
2 Vaccari, Nick       USA 85.50
3 Smith, Josh         USA 82.50
4 Buchanan, Blaine USA 72.00

Open Men’s Features
Semi Finals          Heat #: 02
1 Voges, Kayden      USA 90.50
2 Bishop, Blake        USA 89.50
3 Neville, Zach         USA 85.00
4 Greer, Clayton       USA 75.00

Men’s Professional
Semi Finals      Heat #:  01
1 Windsor, James     AUS 95.00
2 Gunn, Aaron          AUS 90.00
3 Powell, Chandler USA 85.00
4 Patry, Brady           USA 70.00

Men’s Professional
Semi Finals          Heat #: 02
1 Fooshee, Tom       USA 96.50
2 Dunn, Sebastian    AUS 93.50
3 Hanson, Hunter    USA 78.00
4 O’Neill, J.B.           USA 72.00

 Men’s Professional Features
Semi Finals      Heat #:  01
1 Burress, Graeme  USA 92.50
2 Dreiling, John      USA 88.00
3 Windsor, James   AUS 84.00
4 LaRiche, Jimmy  USA 75.50

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