Playa del Carmen, Mexico (November 5, 2018) – The Mayan Water Complex proved to be the absolute perfect destination for the 2018 WWA Wake Park World Championships presented by Nautique Boats, with riders already gearing up to come back in 2019. The final day of action showcased use of every feature to its full potential, leaving no question that Mayan remains host to some of the most amazing riding in the world. Gorgeous weather of the tropics kept the action moving all day long as the world’s best threw down in the most epic final showdowns.

Cole Kraiss (USA) killed it for his first ever win in the Pro Wakeskate division, closing out his inventive and well put together run with a H/S shuv straight into the kicker followed by a switch H/S 360 off the kicker for 95.00 points. Andrew Pastura (USA) hit a clean line of a F/S shuv to kick flip to F/S big spin for a second place finish of 92.00, followed by Sam Langley (USA) in third with a 70.00 point score.

“Coming out to Mexico to compete in the World Championships has been an awesome experience and winning the Pro Wakeskate division this morning made it that much better, said 2018 Wakeskate World Champion Cole Kraiss. “All the boys gave it their all this morning and I can’t wait to get back on the water. Cheers!”

Taking the Men’s Traditional win, Fidel Magdalena (MEX) threw a T/S B/S 720 off the kicker for his winning score of 93.30. Bruno Ulott (BRA) came up in second going super technical on all the rails scoring 89.00, just ahead of Sandro Furtado Brlenic (SWE) with 87.70.

The Boys Traditional division put up a good fight on the final day of competition with Brett Powell (USA) coming away with the 2018 World title. Brett threw down with an S mobe off the flats and a T/S B/S 720 for a winning score of 94.10. Following in second, Axel Paget (FRA) gave it his all and showed total composition in the entire heat to earn a final score of 91.50, followed by Lukas Flahaut (FRA) in third with 79.40.

Albin Randow (SWE) came away with the Jr. Men World title throwing his signature nose grab moby dick and a super clean 90210 in the flats for a 93.10 total score. Gavin Giglio (USA) landed a massive H/S 900 off the kicker to earn the second place spot with 88.40, followed by Parker Swope (USA) who took third with a 79.40.

Aaron Cutler took the Adaptive Standing World title, making WWA History by being the very first adaptive athlete to land a crow mobe at a WWA Wake Park event earning him a huge 100.00 point final score and claiming the 2018 World title. It is moments like these that highlight the true progression in wake and an athlete’s constant pursuit to push beyond what’s ever been done.

Defending Champ Julia Rick (GER) showed off her consistent, dominating performances in the Pro Women’s Traditional final earning herself her sixth WWA World title. She went on to land a solid T/S B/S 720 and a trail grab front to blind in the flats for a final score of 95.40 solidifying herself as the best female wakeboarder in the world. Anna Nikstad (USA), another phenomenal female athlete and carrying one of the most stylish and technical rail games in the business, was on Julia’s heels with a second place finish of 87.60, followed by Jamie Lopina (USA) in third with 79.10.

Ethan Bertogal (FRA) took the Jr. Boys Traditional title with a switch T/S 540 to complete the win with a 91.90 final score. Gavin Doody (USA) came in second with 89.20, followed closely by Jamie Wilson (GBR) with 88.90. The Jr. Women Traditional division witnessed some of the best riding from Orlando Watersports Complex rider, Piper Harris (USA) who claimed her World title after an unstoppable performance that included a huge mute krypt off the flats for a winning score of 94.00.  Eira Jansson (SWE) showed off a style unique to her own for a second place finish of 88.90, followed by Melanie Staaf (SWE) rounding out the podium in third with 83.60.

In the Open Women Features final, Piper Harris (USA) claimed yet another World title for the weekend excelling on all the rails and throwing a mute H/S 540 off the kicker for a 94.10. Rounding out the podium, Arianna Cau (ITA) took second with 91.30, followed by Eira Jansson (SWE) in third with 94.60.  Bruno Ulott (BRA) owned the top spot in the Open Features final absolutely destroying the transfer box with F/S 450 transfer F/S 270 out to score 92.70. Gavin Giglio (USA) smashed the kickers, placing him in second with 90.50, followed by Sandro Furtado Brlenic (SWE) with a score of 85.40.

More history made in the Pro Women Features final with Julia Rick (GBR) throwing the first ever T/S B/S 900 by a woman in a WWA Wake Park World Championship and securing her second World title take down of the weekend. Julia went on to stomp out a B/S 360 transfer on the bartender to F/S 360 for her final score of 93.30.  Anna Nikstad (USA) showed off her style on every feature landing a H/S B/S 450 transfer to B/S 90 out on the cnb rail for a second place finish of 91.30, followed by Jamie Lopina (USA) in third with 85.40.

“My goal was to come out here to win, so finishing up a very busy season with the two spots at the WWA Wake Park World Championship is an incredible feeling,” commented Ronix rider Julia Rick. “It was an amazing event and thank you so much to the WWA and Mayan Water Complex for hosting of all of us!”

Guenther Oka (USA) lit the Mayan Water Complex on fire claiming 3X World titles in both the Pro Men Traditional and Pro Men Features divisions, and tightening his grip on the WWA Wake Park World Series (WPWS) overall title reign. In the Traditional final, Guenther utilized his diverse skill set to drop hammers in every part of the course earning his 96.50 score with his back mobe 540 off the flats and massive grabbed T/S B/S 900 off the kicker. Timo Kapl (AUT) made it a close match throwing the biggest crow mobe in the flats of the weekend for a score of 88.50, followed by Dominik Guehrs (GER) rounding out the podium with 82.50.  The Features final had the crowd going wild, truly testing the athlete’s style, strategy and composure throughout the entire heat. Guenther rose to the top with a perfect 100.00 score locking in a textbook grabbed H/S B/S 900 off the kicker and annihilating a B/S 180 on to 50/50 across the flat bar to 360 off. Bene Tremmel (GER) executed a T/S B/S 270 on to front board 90 out on the cnb rail taking second with 82.80, followed by Jamie Neville (AUS) with 79.90.

“Claiming the World titles three times in a row has been a goal of mine and I’ve been working so hard to make it all happen. It’s an incredible feeling to see it all come together this year,” commented 3X World Champion, Guenther Oka.  “It’s been awesome traveling around with the WWA this season, going to all of the amazing new places and meeting so many new riders. One of the sickest parts about the WPWS has been meeting the younger riders, who are pushing the sport and have been hot on our tails at every event. I’m already looking forward to next year!”

The Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) cleaned house winning the 2018 Overall Team World titles in both Traditional and Features Only divisions, followed closely by Mayan Water Complex in second in both divisions. Wake Nation Houston took third in Traditional and What Wake Park in third for Features.

The 2018 WWA Wake Park World Championships was the fourth and final stop of the WWA Wake Park World Series (WPWS), held at the tropical paradise of the beautiful Mayan Water Complex. The 2019 WWA Wake Park World Championships presented by Nautique Boats will return to the Mayan Water Complex in celebration of the WWA’s 30th year anniversary and combination with the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy for a dual-action global phenomenon October 2019.

For a full list of results Click Here.

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