Harley Clifford Claims Victory at MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour in Acworth, Nicola Butler Wins Women’s Pro Division

Acworth, Ga. –  Showcasing some of the most progressive contest riding ever, the world’s best wakeboarders used the new MasterCraft XStar’s giant wake to keep the crowd of 8,000 fans in awe throughout the final day of competition at the first stop on the 2012 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour presented by Rockstar Energy Drink. Putting together a final run that was a perfect matrix of huge airs and highly-technical rail maneuvers, Harley Clifford proved to be the day’s best, posting a 90 point score to claim victory at the maiden stop on the 2012 Pro Tour.  

Rounding out the podium in the Men’s Pro division were Rusty Malinoski (second place) and Phillip Soven (third place). The neck-to-neck competition from the Men’s Pro field in Acworth has set the stage for another dramatic contest in two weeks at the Pro Tour stop at Texas MasterCraft in Ft. Worth, TX.


Not shying away from the XStar’s massive wake all weekend, the Pro Women showed they are looking to take their sector of the sport to unseen heights during the 2012 season. Continuing her momentum from yesterday’s action, Nicola Butler put together yet another impressive run to edge out Meagan Ethell for a first-place finish in Acworth.


The ultra-competitive MasterCraft Junior Pro Tour also determined a winner. After advancing through three rounds today with pristine riding, Mike Dowdy narrowly claimed the Overton’s Junior Pro Series victory over Dylan Prideaux with a final round score of 89.75.


“The whole competition was sick, it was the best turnout ever,” said Men’s Pro Winner and MasterCraft Team Rider, Harley Clifford. “The XStar was insane, everyone was riding great behind it.”


Following the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour divisional heats, fans were treated to two specialty events — the Rockstar Double Up Contest and the Sony Big Air Contest. Sticking gravity-defying tricks off of the XStar’s world class wake, the top Men’s Pro athletes dazzled with moves that are rarely pulled off in competition. Epitomizing next-level riding, Rusty Malinoski stuck the elusive 1080 to win the Rockstar Double Up and Dean Smith pulled a huge backside 720 to claim first-place in the Sony Big Air Contest.  


For more information on the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, please visit:KingofWake.com


MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour Final Day Results

Men’s Pro Quarter Finals Heat 1

1.       Aaron Rathy                      76.67

2.       Chad Sharpe                      65.00

3.       Dean Smith                        51.67

4.       Corey Bradley                     41.67


Men’s Pro Quarter Finals Heat2

1.       Steel Lafferty                    80.00

2.       Oliver Derome                 70.00

3.       Nick Jones                         61.67

4.       Danny Thollander           50.00


Men’s Pro Quarter Finals Heat 3

1.       Rusty Malinoski                 81.67

2.       Jimmy Larich                     71.67

3.       JD Webb                             68.33

4.       Julian Cohen                     56.67


Men’s Pro Quarter Finals Heat 4

1.       Harley Clifford                   80.00

2.       Tony Carroll                       70.00

3.       Austin Hair                         60.00

4.       Matt Sims                           50.00


Men’s Pro Quarter Finals Heat 5

1.       Phillip Soven                    76.67

2.       Andrew Adkison             68.33

3.       Bradley Smeele                55.00

4.       Josh Palma                        46.67


Jr. Pro Men’s Semi Finals Heat 1

1.       Mike Dowdy                     98.50

2.       Gordon Harrison             91.50

3.       Arnie Watkins                   80.00


Jr. Pro Men’s Semi Finals Heat 2

1.       Freddie Wayne                98.50

2.       Tony Iacconi                      88.50

3.       Brad Teunissen                83.00


Jr. Pro Men’s Semi Finals Heat 3

1.       Kyle Evans                         94.00

2.       Jacobb Valdez                  89.00

3.       Christian Primrose          87.00


Jr. Pro Men’s Semi Finals Heat 4

1.       Dylan Prideaux                 100.00

2.       Massi Piffaretti                85.75

3.       Gus Shuller                        84.25


Men’s Pro Semi Finals Heat 1

1.       Harley Clifford                  85.00

2.       Oliver Derome                 75.00

3.       Rusty Malinoski                72.00

4.       Jimmy Larich                     70.00

5.       Chad Sharpe                     50.00


Men’s Pro Semi Finals Heat 2

1.       Phillip Soven                     85.00

2.       Andrew Adkison             80.00

3.       Steel Lafferty                    70.00

4.       Tony Carroll                      60.00

5.       Aaron Rathy                      58.00


Jr. Pro Men’s Finals

1.       Mike Dowdy                     89.75

2.       Dylan Prideaux                  86.75

3.       Freddie Wayne                 84.75

4.       Kyle Evans                          78.75


Women’s Pro Finals

1.       Nicola Butler                      81.67

2.       Meagan Ethell                   68.33

3.       Raimi Merritt                     60.00

4.       Amber Wing                      58.33

5.       Mellissa Marquardt         50.00

6.       Corrie Dyer                        45.00


Men’s Pro Final

1.       Harley Clifford                  90.00

2.       Rusty Malinoski                 80.00

3.       Phillip Soven                     75.00

4.       Steel Lafferty                    65.00

5.       Andrew Adkison             45.00

6.       Oliver Derome                 40.00

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