Huge Turnout for Malibu Rider Experience Central in Texas

Australian Michael Cotton Tops the Talented Pro Card Qualifier
LAKE ALFRED, Fla. (July 11, 2016) – The third Malibu WWA Rider Experience of the 2016 season took place this past weekend, July 8-10 at Bel-Ray Action Sports Park in Conroe, Texas. Malibu’s newly redesigned 2017 22 MXZ towboat provided the exclusive pull throughout the weekend, presenting riders the opportunity to test out its incredible wake before their upcoming Regional Championships. The event also featured the fourth Malibu WWA Pro Card Qualifier of the season, which had a strong turnout of riders, but Australia’s Michael Cotton threw down technical tricks such as a Whirly 540, Pete Rose, and Moby Dick to capture the victory. A total of three riders earned their Pro Card.

Multiple families made the weekend a family affair by competing in their respective divisions and demonstrating what the sport truly is about. The host dealer SMG invited everyone to come out at an amazing venue just behind their dealership on a private lake with epic conditions. There was no chance of riders missing out on the near perfect conditions as Ronix had their full product lineup on display for riders to demo throughout the entire weekend.

With unbeatable conditions on the water, the Jr. Pro Men’s division took full advantage of the 22 MXZ’s competition wake as they battled head-to-head during their respective Semifinals. In the first Semifinal Heat, Cobe France (AUS) stole the show with solid riding, while Tyler Higham (USA) used his West Coast style to shine during Heat 2. France used an impressive run during the Finals, which consisted of a Moby Dick 540 and Toeside 900 to outduel Higham and Luca Kidd (GBR).

Texas’ very own Rocker Steiner added another win to his resume by nailing his signature Tantrum to Blind over stiff competition in the Boy’s (10-13) division. Just behind him, Parker Swope (TX) and Brett Powell (KS) finished second and third, respectively. In the Jr. Women, Aliza Capen (TX) used stylish grabs to earn the number one spot ahead of Amber Rogers (LA) and Logan Vaughn (TX).

Malibu’s Surf Gate was a big hit and allowed for the Wake Surf division to take their riding to the next level while staying cool on the hot Texas summer day. Silvana Hildago (CA) rode clean to steal the victory in the Women’s Wakesurf, followed by Logan Vaughn (TX) and Emily Hannum (CO). In the Men’s Wakesurf it was Coleman Vaughn (TX) who finished at the top of the leaderboard with a score of 90.00.

The Jr. Men (14-18) kept the fans on the edge of their seats throughout the weekend as they pulled huge tricks behind Malibu’s 22 MXZ, however, Bryce Grey (AUS) continued his winning ways in 2016. Andy Birch (AZ) rode consistent to grab the runner-up position and local Texas Dylan Sexton completed the podium in third. Jason Rogers (LA) grabbed the win in the Veterans (40&Over) with a Roll to Revert that helped him edge out Curtis Sherbo (TX).

The three-day weekend finished with a fun-filled day on the water for Surf Gate Sunday, welcoming men and women of all ages to experience a laidback day in the sun behind Malibu’s Surf Gate.  Malibu’s pro riders, such as Oli Derome, Amber Smith, Massi Piffaretti, Brian Grubb, and Raph Derome were on hand hanging out and giving pointers as many new faces showcased their talent for the first time behind Malibu’s great surf wake.

The Rider Experience East and fifth Malibu WWA Pro Card Qualifier of the 2016 season is set to take place on the waters of Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Massachusetts on July 15-17 alongside Wootown Wakefest.

Pro Card Qualifier – Finals Heat 01:

  1. Michael Cotton (AUS) – 82.33
  2. Alex Brown (TX) – 79.00
  3. Brandon Lackey (TX) – 74.00
  1. Keith Steinbeck (TX) – 69.83
  2. Luke Meadows (LA) – 64.33
  3. Trevor Duncan (LA) – 61.67
Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Finals Heat 01:
  1. Cobe France (AUS) – 92.33
  2. Tyler Higham (USA) – 85.67
  3. Luca Kidd (GBR) – 81.67
  1. Elliot DIgney (AUS) – 76.67
  2. Callan Starr (AUS) – 60.67
  3. Clayton Holladay (USA) – 53.33
Jr. Men (14-18) – Finals Heat 01:
  1. Bryce Grey (AUS) – 88.33
  2. Andy Birch (AZ) – 73.33
  3. Dylan Sexton (TX) – 70.67
  1. Colby Owen (TX) – 63.33
  2. Aaron Hannum (CO) – 56.67
  3. Braydan Sims (CA) – 55.00
Jr. Women – Finals Heat 01:
  1. Aliza Capen (TX) – 67.00
  2. Amber Rogers (LA) – 63.33
  3. Logan Vaughn (TX) – 56.67
Men’s II (25-29) – Finals Heat 01: 
  1. Michael Serra (TX) – 96.67
Veterans Women’s (40&Over) – Finals Heat 01:
  1. Kat Laird (TX) – 78.00
  2. Susan Sheehan (TX) – 73.33
Boy’s (10-13) – Finals Heat 01:
  1. Rocker Steiner (TX) – 81.67
  2. Parker Swope (TX) – 76.67
  3. Brett Powell (KS) – 68.33

4. Barrett Swope (TX) – 63.33

Boy’s Beginner (10-13) – Finals Heat 01:

  1. Ayden Lamb (AR) – 82.00
  2. Cameron Sherbo (TX) – 78.33
  3. Coleman Vaughn (TX) – 68.33
Jr. Boy’s Beginner (9&Under) – Finals Heat 01: 
  1. Kaiden Powell (KS) – 86.67
  2. Jesse Morrow (TX) – 81.00
  3. Gavin Doody (TX) – 75.00
  1. Gabe Briggs (TX) – 61.67
Girl’s (10-13) – Finals Heat 01:
  1. Emily Hannum (CO) – 93.33
Master’s (30-39) – Finals Heat 01: 
  1. Brian Young (TX) – 96.67
Veterans (40&Over) – Finals Heat 01:
  1. Jason Rogers (LA) – 90.00
  2. Curtis Sherbo (TX) – 73.33
Men’s Wakesurf – Finals Heat 01:
  1. Coleman Vaughn (TX) – 90.00
Women’s Wakesurf – Finals Heat 01: 
  1. Silvana Hildago (CA) – 80.00
  2. Logan Vaughn (TX) – 50.00
  3. Emily Hannum (CO) – 40.00
Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 01:
  1. Cobe France (AUS) – 76.67
  2. Clayton Holladay (USA) – 68.67
  3. Elliot Digney (AUS) – 68.33
  1. Bryson Hancock (USA) – 58.33
  2. Lewy Watt (AUS) – 51.67
  3. Tyler Sommer (USA) – 50.00
Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Semifinals Heat 02:
  1. Tyler Higham (USA) – 86.67
  2. Luca Kidd (GBR) – 76.67
  3. Callan Starr (AUS) – 66.67
  1. Jesse Foushee (USA) – 60.00
  2. Nicholas Brown (USA) – 53.33
  3. Daniel Miles (USA) – 41.67

2016 Malibu WWA Pro Card Qualifiers & Rider Experience Dates

Pro Card Qualifier – #5
(Rider Experience East)
Held in conjunction with Wootown Wakefest
Host Dealer: East Coast Flight Craft
Lake Quinsigamond
Worcester, Massachusetts
July 15-17

Pro Card Qualifier – #6
(Rider Experience Canada) 
Host Dealer: Aqua Sport Marine
Wow Lake
St. Zotique, QC, Canada
August 12-14

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