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An Estimated 80% of the population has never entered a competition. Never taken the court, joined their team on the field or even lined up on a starting line. More than just winning or losing, missed are the opportunities to learn about personal strengths, gain insight on navigating challenges and set examples for others to admire and follow. 

“I truly believe that competition makes you better at everything else you do in life” said WWA Executive Director Corrie Wilson “Whether it be the preparation and hard work leading up to competition day, the decisions that are made during a contest or the lessons learned after, there is so much to be gained from challenging yourself in a competitive setting. This doesn’t just apply to the best of the best; this applies to anyone who sets a goal and puts in the work to achieve it.”

Life is a competitive process in virtually all aspects. Whether it be at home, school, or the workplace, competition is at the foundation of how we function in society. In sports, just like in life, those who are prepared are going to enjoy the spoils of success. 
  • WWA events are an excellent way to hone valuable skillsets and apply them to life. Here are just a few of the benefits to come from competing:
    • Preparing for an event forces you to face your weaknesses
    • Build self confidence and mental toughness
    • Competing challenges your limiting beliefs
    • Competing challenges you to adapt to new environments and situation s
    • Setting goals and a path to achieve them
    • Not everyone can win all the time, so competition also teaches us humility and how to deal with defeat
    • Competition challenges us in ways we wouldn’t normally challenge ourselves


Competing as an individual has its many benefits but doing so as a family creates unique opportunities for everyone involved. Participating in WWA events gives the entire family a shared experience that will ultimately strengthen bonds and bring everyone in the family closer together.
“Competing with the WWA is something my whole family has fun with. You’re not just another parent, sitting in the sun and waiting for your rider to have their fun. You’re supporting your kids and they learn and return the support for you. You’re around families of a similar interests you’re creating new connections and valuable friendships. Even before the competition, family bonds are being strengthened by practicing together, pushing one another to learn a new move and celebrating the successes together. It’s simply good, all around family fun!”
David Williams, Wakesurfing World Champion and proud husband/parent to three WWA competitors
We’ve added two new divisions to wakesurf events for the 2021 season, “Surfin’ Moms” & “Surfin’ Dads” Wakesurf Divisions!
You’ve been supporting your kids from the sidelines, and now it’s your time to shine in a discounted division made specifically for you! The only requirement for participation: have a grom in your family registered in the competition as well. It’s just that easy! You’ll get the chance to challenge yourself while your kids line the water’s edge, cheering on mom and dad. It’s a unique family bonding experience and a a triumph for for all!

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