Malibu Factory Smoky Mountain Pro Set to be a Turning Point in the Wakeboard World Series

Heading into the Malibu Factory Smoky Mountain Pro, analyzing the competitive wake landscape goes beyond current rankings and recent performances. A look on Instagram proves the progression train continues to gain speed with the top 10 regularly hitting some insane new trick or line. It’s exciting; you never know who is going to come out of nowhere with a double or 1080 in their arsenal to cause a major upset.

As we sit today, there is a 55 point spread among the top seven ranked riders on the WWA Wakeboard World Series with five remaining events. There is no playing it safe and as every winning run seems to consist of pure magic. These athletes have departed the realm of simply being really good, redefining what it means and what it takes to be great.

So who do you got? Mike Dowdy is on a hot streak and Harley is in the #1 spot with mind blowing back-up runs to his mind blowing mainrun. Nic Rapa grabbed a big win in Brazil and Shota has everything ittakes cause an upset at the top. Noah Flegel is proving to be more of a freak by the day, Iacconi’s hitting doubles and Cory Teunnissen has 1080’s on lock paired with doubles. This week, Dean Smith posted a double tantrum that looked too easy, making every round scary for anyone that draws him in their heat.

The Malibu Factory Smoky Mountain Pro is set to be the turning point for the WWA Wakeboard World Series with the world of wake focused on every move. Join us July 7-8 on Watts Bar Lake by boat or by land to witness the next generation redefine the sport pass by pass.

CLICK HERE for the schedule of events.

Malibu Boats Factory
5075 Kimberly Way
Loudon, TN 37774 United States

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