Meet the judges for the Tige MyWake 3 Trick Line Wakesurf Contest!

It’s time to pick the winners!

Meet the judges for the Tige MyWake 3 Trick Line Wakesurf Contest Pro Divisions!

Winners will be announced June 26, 2015.  Stay tuned!


Chris Bank is a founding member of the CWSA and has played an active role on the judging/scoring committee. He has two World Wake Surf Championship titles to his name and has been actively involved in the watersports world for 30 years


Mike Viland has been competitively wake surfing for 5 years. He was the 2013 Masters National Champion as well as the 2014 Masters World Champion. Mike has been a professional judge since 2013 and has judged over 20 competitions including the Nationals Championships, the World Championships, and the EWT series.


Brian Grubb is a professional athlete sponsored by Red Bull, Hyperlite and Malibu Boats. Grubb is known around the world for his signature style on both a wakeskate and a wakesurfer. He has been a judge for the WWA for many years and has judged the Tige MyWake competition since 2013.

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