Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown – Terminus Wrap Up

Triple_Crown_LogoFrom Emerson, GA (August 3, 2014) — The final day of the second stop of the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown went off at Terminus Wake Park outside of Atlanta and featured some of the best riding ever to go down across the board at a WPTC event. Mother Nature played coy today sprinkling in some light showers, but the day was dominated by bright sun and intense competition. Everybody from the Amateur Women to the Pro Men threw everything they had on the line to go after a piece of the $20,000 purse.


Local shredder Blake Bishop throwing down his first ever switch mute double half cab roll in the finals of Open Men’s division   Photo: Cortese

Highlights from the day included the final round of the Open Men’s division. Within the last minute of the round there were two backside 7′s, a frontside 9, and a mute double half cab roll. MC Shane Bonifay called it the best final of the day – even better than the Pro Men or Pro Women. The mute double half cab came courtesy of local shredder Blake Bishop – and while he ended up finishing second in his group, his landing of that trick got the loudest cheers and congratulations from both crowd and fellow riders alike. The cherry on top was that Blake had never landed that trick – he’d actually barely ever tried it – before stomping it in the last 10 seconds of the finals. Another highlight of the day was Women’s Pro Features champ Angelika Schriber stomping a giant backside 7 off the kicker and Aaron Gun taking the top spot in Pro Men’s Features with an unbelievably precise and stylish session in the park.

untitled_untitled shoot_0568

Aaron Gun looking back at Daniel Grant’s huge air  Photo: Cortese

untitled_untitled shoot_0601

Autographs from The King  Photo: Cortese

untitled_untitled shoot_0637

The start dock for the Pro Men’s final  Photo: Cortese

untitled_untitled shoot_0504

Chad Worrall’s back lip on lock  Photo: Cortese

Many thanks go out to the entire crew at Terminus for putting together a perfect site for hosting an event like the WPTC and for tirelessly helping to make everything run smoothly. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Terminus yet, make sure you put it on your to-do list and you get out there ASAP. It’s a spot you’ll want to keep coming back to over and over.


Team Terminus are the MVPs of the weekend


MC Shane “Danger” Bonifay calling the shots


Yonel Cohen sliding across the ledge of the Silas pool  Photo: Cortese

Stay tuned to for more from the second stop of the WPTC. Here are the results from today’s finals.


Pro Men’s Features: 1st – Aaron Gun  2nd – Graeme Burress  3rd – Chad Worrall


Pro Women’s Features: 1st – Angelika Schriber  2nd – Courtney Angus  3rd – Sophie Hogben


Pro Wakeskate: 1st – Josh Zentmeyer  2nd – Daniel Grant  3rd – Nick Robinson


Pro Men’s Cable: 1st – Daniel Grant  2nd – Chandler Powell  3rd – Tom Fooshee


Pro Women’s Cable: 1st – Courtney Angus  2nd – Angelika Schriber  3rd – Michela Phillips


Open Men’s podium: 1st – Brock Baker  2nd – Blake Bishop  3rd – Crosse Bearden


Open Women’s podium: 1st – Olivia Pease  2nd – Lauren Bryson  3rd – Marilyn Pruitt

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