Monster Energy WWA Wake Park Triple Crown Finals Go Off at TSR!


June 6, 2010

The cable was turning, the sun was shining, and the field had been whittled down to the very best for the final day of the Monster Energy Triple Crown presented by Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. The day began with the open men’s, obstacles and wakeskate events, and after a brief public session, the pro action got underway.

For the pro ladies, Netherlands’ Maxine Sapulette dominated all weekend with solid air tricks such as an s to blind and roll to blind to take home the title.

The pro wakeskaters went twice, once to cut it down to the final four, and then again for the final run. Clint Tompkins was riding strong in the early rounds, stopping a kickflip off the incline. In the finals though, he wasn’t able to keep that trick under him and despite his big spin off the kicker, he couldn’t top Andy Kolb. The German rider laid down solid lines in the flats including a 3 shuv, big spin, backside big spin, and body varial revert, flats backside 3, as well as a 270 shuv on the table, 360 off the kicker to take home first. For him though, being a spectator was the highlight. “I think the wakeboarding was especially intense,” Kolb said. “I was surprised for Freddie (Von Osten) and Dominik (Guhrs) for doing so well. I love Texas, the hotness, the people, the cable, just everything.”

As Andy said, the wakeboarding was the big show. Before the pro men’s final got started the pros took to the obstacles, where local boy Tom Fooshee had no trouble putting down the winning tricks. The pro men’s final though, which came down to Nick Davies, Freddie Von Osten, Dominik Guhrs and Tom Fooshee, was the real show down.

The finals included heavy tricks such as an s-mobe by Fooshee, back mobe five by Guhrs, 315 by Von Osten and Back 900 by Davies. In the end though, Davies had trouble putting it together, and 17-year-old Von Osten was there to pick up the slack. He was able to advance, where he’d end up head to head against the local Tom Fooshee. To no one’s surprise, Fooshee remained unbeatable and took home top honors.

“The contest went amazing, I couldn’t be anymore happy with the competitors that came and how the results turned out,” Fooshee said. “I had the advantage to come out weeks before the event and train, but even so, these guys made me work harder than I’ve ever had to work. I was particularly excited about doing a backside 9 as I just learned it a week ago and all the mobe five variations kept me fired up.”

By the end of the day it was clear the event wasn’t just about winning, but about progressing the level of cable wakeboarding as well. In the finals, two toe 1260 attempts and a backside 10 were thrown, although no one was able to ride away.

The Monster Energy WWA Wake Park Triple Crown series is brought to you by Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, 1080, Ronix, Liquid Force, Slingshot and Pro-Tec. Don’t miss the next event in the WWA Triple Crown Series in Kansas City, MO at Kansas City Watersport, July 31st to August 1st, 2010.

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