Nautique Pro Am Winners Begin to Shine on Friday

Lake Alfred, Fla. (June 13, 2015) – The next generation of riders shined on the water on Friday as the Nautique Pro Am presented by Rockstar Energy Drink moved into the final rounds for the amateur divisions while the pros saw action for the first time during the event. The third stop of the Nautique Wake Series provided some great entertainment on the world’s best wake produced by both the Super Air Nautique G23 and G21. Ten Pro Am titles were awarded including Connor Pogetto in the Adaptive Sitboarding division scoring a 90.00 on his Finals run.  Jamie Lopina put together a strong combination of 540s and inverts to claim the Jr. Women Division.


“The Pro Am is a great event and I am stoked to get the win,” said Lopina. “We have had great conditions this week and the event has been on point. I knew if I could put in a good run, I could take the finals and everything worked out great.”

In the Girls (10-14) division Hollie Wladrop battled with Mary Howell for the top spot in the Semi Finals with Hollie taking first in the heat with a run that included a heelside 360, frontroll, backroll and backside 180. In the Boys (10-14) Kevin Duffy and Tanner Higham won their respective heats. Duffy’s run included a backside 540, Moby Dick and Tantrum to blind, while Higham showed a lot of diversity combining flips in spins for his run.


In the Jr. Pro Semi Finals it was Nic Rapa besting everyone with a Switch toeside 900 nose grab. Rappa takes the top seed into Saturday’s finals where he will face off with Jake Pelot, Cobe France, Gunner Daft, Jason Soven and Elliot Digney.


With many amateur divisions completed, 31 Pro Men battled to move on to Saturday’s semifinal round while 14 Pro Women looked to grab a spot in the Finals.
In the Pro Women’s Semis, Team Nautique’s Megan Ethel put in a stand up run to claim the top seed in the Finals. In Pro Wakeskate, Rockstar Energy athlete Reed Hansen won his heat with a switch front big. In the Pro Men’s Quarterfinals, Rockstar’s Rusty Malinoski went huge on his run to earn the top score in the division just beating out Shota Tezuka who combined two 900s and a crow mobe 540 on his stand up run. Dean Smith, who is returning from injury, posted the third best run of the day with his signature style to win his heat.

The third and final day of the Nautique Pro Am will wrap up the third leg of the Nautique Wake Series with winners being crowned in all of the Pro classes as well as the remaining Amateur Divisions.



Nautique Pro Am presented Rockstar Energy Drink
Mossdale Quarry Lakes – Lathrop, California
Friday, June 12, 2015

Amateur Wakeskate  Final

  1. Noah Belmont – 55.00
  2. Chris Birch – 43.33
  3. Francisco Cabezas – 30.00

Women’s Wakeskate Final

  1. Natalie Graham – 64.00

Amateur Women (18-24) Final

  1. Morgan Crescent – 71.67
  2. Gianna Dinatale – 60.00
  3. Nicole Key – 25.00

Junior Women (14-18) Final

  1. Jamie Lopina – 83.33
  2. Alyssa Williams – 53.33

Adaptive Sitboarding Final

  1. Connor Aguilar-Pogetto – 90.00

Junior Boys Beginner Final

  1. Alex Albin – 71.00

Boys Beginner Final

  1. Rocco Ralston – 61.67

Veterans (40 and over) Final

  1. Rex LaVerne – 66.67
  2. Fred Birch – 45.00
  3. Todd Coons – 28.33

Pro Veterans Final

  1. Chad Lowe – 81.67

Girls (10-14) Semi Finals

  1. Hollie Waldrop – 85.33
  2. Mary Howell – 70.00
  3. Elle Christensen – 60.00
  4. Sofia Mendez – 43.33

Boys (10-14) Semi Finals
Heat 1

  1. Kevin Duffy – 93.33
  2. Thomas Herman – 80.00

Boys (10-14) Semi Finals
Heat 2

  1. Daniel Johnson – 61.67
  2. Tanner Higham – 50.00

Jr. Pro Men (14-18)

  1. Darin Delgado – 56.67
  2. Andy Birch – 43.33
  3. Tyler Martinez – 30.00

Jr. Pro Men’s Quarterfinals 
Heat 1

  1. Cobe France – 79.33
  2. Jason Soven – 73.67
  3. Elliott Digney – 65.67

Heat 2

  1. Nic Rappa – 88.33
  2. Jake Pelot – 81.67
  3. Gunner Daft – 75.00

Pro Wakeskate – Semifinals
Heat 1

  1. Reed Hansen – 90.67
  2. Brian Grubb – 87.00

Heat 2

  1. Danny Hampson – 89.67
  2. Austin Polterock – 82.67

Pro Women – Semifinals
Heat 1

  1. Meagan Ethell – 86.00
  2. Nicola Butler – 81.00

Heat 2

  1. Raimi Merritt – 74.67
  2. Taylor McCullough – 67.33

Heat 3

  1. Dallas Friday – 81.00
  2. Melissa Marquardt – 68.67

Pro Men – Quarterfinals
Heat 1

  1. Jacob Valdez – 73.33
  2. Massi Piffaretti – 70.33

Heat 2

  1. Shota Tezuka – 88.33
  2. Kyle Rattray – 78.33

Heat 3

  1. Rusty Malinoski – 89.00
  2. Andrew Adkison – 80.67

Heat 4

  1. Cory Teunissen – 86.67
  2. Bob Soven – 73.33

Heat 5

  1. Dean Smith – 88.00
  2. Danny Harf – 82.00

Heat 6

  1. Tony Iacconi – 86.00
  2. Noah Flegel – 82.00

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