World Wake Association Launches US Wakepark League

The World Wake Association (WWA) proudly announces the dawn of a groundbreaking initiative, the WWA US Wakepark League, set to reshape the Wakepark landscape across the nation. With a strategic plan spanning the next several years, the WWA US Wakepark League aspires to create a legitimate contest league that not only engages both new and existing recreational wakeboarders but also cultivates rider encouragement and fosters a tight-knit community.

The WWA US Wakepark League is guided by a clear and compelling mission: To create a Wakepark league that inspires, motivates, and welcomes all levels of riders from beginners all the way to professionals. To achieve these lofty ambitions, the WWA US Wakepark League has set forth several strategic goals. These include making local events, area events (State and Regionals), National events, and World title events accessible for every cable rider in the United States.

At the heart of the WWA US Wakepark League lies its core values: fairness, consistency, and the delivery of quality events that not only showcase the thrilling aspects of wake park riding but also celebrate the incredible talents of the athletes in a positive light.

“The USWL is a culmination of the WWA’s wisdom, my experience on and off the water, and the insights we have gathered from our participants/families to reimagine what a sustainable National Wake League can look like that provides an incredible experience for our participants, benefits the local and national communities, and is the foundation that we can build off of for the next 30+ years.”

John DreilingDirector of Wake Park Operations at The World Wake Association

As part of the league’s commitment to inclusivity and comprehensive engagement, the WWA US Wakepark League introduces a dynamic addition to its format. Participants can look forward to local park qualifiers and area qualifiers, including State Championships and Regional Championships, all converging into the pinnacle event – the Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships presented by GM Marine. Scheduled for August 8-11th, 2024, the Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships presented by GM Marine will unfold at Shark Wake Park in West Palm Beach.

While participation in a qualifier is not mandatory this year, riders who choose to compete in a qualifier will earn a higher seeding going into the National Championships. This strategic twist enhances the overall competition experience, injecting an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.

The WWA US Wakepark League is not merely a competition; it’s a movement that beckons wakeboarding enthusiasts from all walks of life to join the wave. As the league unfolds, it aims to unite individuals under a common love for wakeboarding, fostering a sense of camaraderie and passion that transcends the thrill of the sport itself.

Stay tuned!

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