Nautique Unveils New Boat, Will Debut at Wake Games in Orlando

G23 Model Produces One of the Biggest and Most Innovative Wakes in Sport’s History

The All-New Super Air Nautique G23 from Nautique Boats on Vimeo.

Orlando, Fla. — To a packed house of the industry’s elite and boating aficionados, Nautique, the title sponsor of the 2012 Wake Games, recently unveiled its state-of-the-art Super Air Nautique G23 boat model. The much anticipated boat, designed for high-performance wakeboarding, will make its competition debut pulling the world’s best wakeboarders at the Wake Games at the Orlando Watersports Complex on April 11-14.

Conceptualized and designed with direct consultation from Nautique’s team of world-class athletes, the G23 boasts more than 2,800 pounds of sub-floor internal ballast, creating a top-quality wake without the need for additional weight. Translation: The 2012 Wake Games should produce some of the most progressive tricks ever performed during competition. With that in mind, Nautique upped the ante for this year’s Wake Games by sponsoring a double-up contest and an expression session to properly showcase the G23’s massive wake-producing capabilities.

With the G23’s innovative technology yielding one of the biggest wakes ever ridden, the double-up contest will allow riders to attempt tricks that have never been completed in competition. With a stacked lineup of pros — including Bob and Phil Soven, Harley Clifford, Jimmy LaRiche and Rusty Malinoski — going after the $6,000 prize purse from Nautique, the stakes will be at an all-time high.

Following the double-up contest, Nautique will keep the wake pumping and the cash flowing with a winner-take-all expression session challenge for $5,000. In addition to the athletes competing in the double-up contest, top wakeboarding talent competing in the expression session includes JD Webb, Steel Lafferty and Shaun Murray.

“There has been a lot of anticipation for the release of Nautique’s G23 in the wakeboarding community for a while now,” said Chris Bischoff, competition director at World Sports & Marketing “Being an Orlando-based company, Nautique couldn’t have picked a better venue to debut the boat. I’m expecting to see some attempts at 1260s and who knows what else. With the G23’s meaty wake, expect the unexpected.”

Both pro events will be held on Saturday, April 14, following the finale of the seventh annual Wake Games.

The Nautique Wake Games is stop number one in the eight-event King of Wake Series. Tickets are available at the gate: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under); or $7 (adult) if purchased online.

For information on the Nautique Wake Games, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, visit

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