Nautique Wake Open Winners Begin to Emerge Friday at BSR

Lake Alfred, Fla. (April 18, 2015) – The next generation of riders took to the water on Friday as the Nautique Wake Open presented by Rockstar Energy Drink moved into the final rounds for the amateur divisions. The second stop of the Nautique Wake Series outdid Mother Nature by dodging rain in the forecast while the riders outdid each other behind the award-winning Super Air Nautique G23 and G21. Ten Wake Open titles were awarded including Brett Powell from Kansas winning the Junior Boys Finals.

“I had an awesome day,” said Powell. “The wake was so good today, I’ve never seen or ridden one like it. I love coming out here to BSR and Nautique put on a really fun event. BSR is one of my favorite events because after we’re done riding we can do other things like check out the hot tubs, the cable park, and the cabins.”

Riders from across the United States as well as Canada and Australia competed in this year’s Wake Open that included everyone from kids in the nine and under class, to Veterans over 40 years old. The women’s and amateur Wakeskate divisions showed what could be done without bindings and Connor Aguilar-Poggetto competed in the Adaptive Sitboarding division in his custom wakeboard chair.

With many amateur divisions completed, the Jr. Pro Men and Pro Women fought through the semifinals, while 32 Pro Men battled to move on to Saturday’s semifinal round. The top six riders in the WWA World Rankings pre-qualified for Saturday’s semifinals. North Carolina’s Daniel Johnson advanced from his semifinal in the Boys (10-13) division and can’t wait to compete alongside his heroes on Saturday.

“I was pumped with how I rode today and I stuck my whole run except two tricks,” said Johnson. “The wake was amazing and it had a big, solid lip that gave us good pop. I can’t wait to ride tomorrow with the Pros.”

The third and final day of the Nautique Wake Open will wrap up the second stop of the Nautique Wake Series amateur divisions before seeing who will emerge as the top threats in the WWA Wakeboard World Series.


Nautique Wake Open presented Rockstar Energy Drink
BSR Cable Park – Waco, Texas
Friday, April 17, 2015

Girls (13 and under) – Semifinal 

  1. Hollie Waldrop – 81.67
  2. Sofia Mendez – 66.67
  3. Zoe Puquette – 50.00

Women’s Wakeskate – Finals

  1. Natalie Graham – 83.33

Amateur Wakeskate – Finals

  1. Tyler Sommer – 83.33
  2. Francisco Cabezas – 43.33
  3. Carl Erickson – 43.33

Adaptive Sitboarding – Finals

  1. Conner Aguilar-Poggetto – 90.00

Junior Boys (9 and under) – Finals

  1. Brett Powell – 83.33

Amateur Women 18-24 – Finals

  1. Nicole Steele – 70.00
  2. Morgan Crescent – DQ

Junior Women (14-18) – Finals

  1. Jamie Lopina – 80.00
  2. Mackayla Petrie – 70.00
  3. Ashleigh Blake – 60.00

Boys (10-13) – Semifinal

  1. Kevin Duffy – 88.33
  2. Rocker Steiner – 78.33
  3. Daniel Johnson – 70.00
  4. Tyler Worrall – 53.33

Boys Beginner – Final

  1. Maarten, Van Vilet – 81.67

Junior Boys Beginner – Finals

  1. Laird Stidham – 80.00

Junior Men (14-18) – Semifinal
Heat 1

  1. Jorge A.P. Gordillo – 80.00
  2. Cody Wahl – 56.67

Heat 2

  1. Elliot Digney – 80.00
  2. Tyler Sommer – 66.67

Veterans (40 and over) – Finals

  1. Mike Vanpatten – 86.67
  2. Darren Holsey – 70.00
  3. Carl Erickson – 43.33

Pro Veterans – Final

  1. Billy Garcia – 83.33

Jr. Pro Men – Semifinals
Heat 1

  1. Nic Rapa – 83.33
  2. Juan Mendez – 70.00

Heat 2

  1. James Loisel – 88.33
  2. Jason Soven – 75.00

Heat 3

  1. Mac Schramm – 88.33
  2. Lewy Watt – 75.00

Pro Wakeskate – Semifinals
Heat 1

  1. Danny Hampson – 80.00
  2. Reed Hansen – 71.67

Heat 2

  1. Austin Polterock – 78.33
  2. Brian Grubb – 53.33

Pro Women – Semifinals
Heat 1

  1. Meagan Ethell – 80.00
  2. Nicola Butler – 70.00

Heat 2

  1. Melissa Marquardt – 69.33
  2. Erika Lang – 65.00

Heat 3

  1. Dallas Friday – 78.33
  2. Raimi Merritt – 72.33

Pro Men – Quarterfinals
Heat 1

  1. Bob Soven – 71.67
  2. Jimmy LaRiche – 66.67

Heat 2

  1. Parker Siegele – 73.33
  2. Chad Sharpe – 61.67

Heat 3

  1. JD Webb – 85.00
  2. Stephen Pierce – 70.00

Heat 4

  1. Mike Dowdy – 80.00
  2. Adam Errington – 70.00

Heat 5

  1. Tony Iacconi – 78.33
  2. Massi Piffaretti – 77.67

Heat 6

  1. Cory Teunissen – 87.33
  2. Noah Flegel – 76.67

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The Wakeboard World Series will offer the largest payout the sport has seen in its 26-year history with a total of $425,000 to be handed out to the men and women throughout the series. This increase is just one of many avenues that the WWA have stepped up to further legitimize wakeboarding along with an increased focus on attracting media, sponsors, and consumers. This year’s Wakeboard World Series is the largest World Series in recent years, making it the only true global wakeboard series. The 2015 Wakeboard World Series will travel to four rounds within the United States as well as Mexico, Brazil, Canada, a return to Japan, and for the first time, the WWA World Championships will be held in Portugal. 

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