Nautique #WakeOpen Rider Updates

We can’t wait to kick off the season with you this weekend!

Check-In for all athletes will be at Performance Ski and Surf (details listed below). All athletes are encouraged to check-in the night before they ride. If you do not check-in with us that night, you MUST be on-site at least one hour before the posted time for your division to begin with Event Registration and Current 2016 WWA Membership COMPLETED.


Check-in Location:
Performance Ski and Surf
1355 Sand Lake Rd.
Orlando, FL 32809

Check-in Times:
Wednesday, April 20th 5-8PM EST
Thursday, April 21st 5-8PM EST


Amateur divisions, Jr. Pro and Pro Women: All will use the Overall Impression judging system.  2 Falls (1 Pickup)

WAKESKATE DIVISIONS: Will have 3 Falls (2 Pickups)

Pro Men’s Division: Based on the results of the 2016 WBWS Survey, this 4-round event will be laid out as follows. Click HERE for the survey results.

The WBWS Top 8 riders will be prequalified to the Quarterfinal round.  All other riders will ride in Thursday’s Qualifying round.

4 tricks per pass in all rounds
Overall Impression judging system.
2 Falls (1 Pickup)
24 Man Quarterfinals
16 Man Semifinals
8 Man Final with 1 Run

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