Nautique’s WWA National Championships Kicks Off Largest Nationals in History at the Miami Watersport Complex

Nautique’s WWA National Championships Kicks Off Largest Nationals in History at the Miami Watersport Complex
 Lake Alfred, Fla. (August 12, 2015) The fourth and final stop of the Nautique Wake Series kicked off yesterday on Wednesday, August 12th at the all-new Miami Watersports Complex. This worldwide event series is the only competitive arena that includes all amateur and pro divisions behind the award winning Super Air Nautique Series boats. The next generation of riders from all around North America took to the water Wednesday morning as qualifying for amateur finals took place behind the industry leading Super Air Nautique G21 and G23. The cable competition began in the afternoon with amateur qualifying rounds at Aktion Parks’ newest state of the art facility. This unique event offers riders and fans both cable and boat competitions at one venue. Fynn Bullock of the Boy’s (10-13) Division had a stellar a day as he won his qualifying heats in dominating fashion with an unmatchable trick list in both disciplines.
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“I’m pumped to be here at the 2015 Nautique WWA National Championships in Miami and to have started my week off with two wins in both the cable and boat divisions,” said Bullock. “The wake behind the G21 was amazing and I was really stoked to have stuck the toeside-backside 540 off the kicker in cable. I’m looking forward to riding behind the G21 in the finals.”
In the Girls (10-13) division, Mary Morgan Howell, rode to an impressive qualifying win, over the undefeated Hollie Waldrop. Waldrop has won every event she has entered into this year and will have her work cut out as both girls enter the finals of the 2015 Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wakepark National Championship presented by Rockstar Energy. In similar fashion as Bullock, Adaptive Sitboarding Divisions, Phill Kerr swept his heats as he competed in both the cable and boat events.
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“My qualifying heat went well today, as I was able to take the win,” said Howell. “MWC has done an awesome job in setting up this new park for us and I love how the Nautique Wake Series are the only events to include all pro and amateur divisions of all ages.”

“My day went well as I rode smoothly to sweep both my qualifying heats in cable and boat,” said Kerr. “Nautique events are always a pleasure to compete in as we get to ride behind the outstanding Super Air G-Series boats, as the wake is unlike anything in our industry,” said Kerr.

This is the first National Championships that have had a Regionals requirement for all competitors and in result has led to the largest Nationals in history. The action continues today with final and semi final rounds completing in amateur divisions for both the boat and cable competitions. See a full list of results by following us on twitter at @TheWWA.


2015 Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wakepark National Championship Presented by Rockstar Energy – Miami Lakes, Florida
Wednesday, August 8, 2015

Masters (30-39) – Semi Finals Heat 1

  1. Cankar, Nick                   FL 67.67
  2. Fournier, Luke               AZ 61.67
  3. Beatty, Dustin               FL 36.37
  4. Schwartz, Robert          FL 33.33

Master (30-39) – Semi Finals Heat 2

  1. Pitschke, Tim                 PA 77.67
  2. Lecklider, Aaron           OH 68.33
  3. Dunbar, Jesse                FL 57.67
  4. Cabezas, Francisco      FL 41.67
  5. Graham, Johnathan    AZ 32.67

Veterans (40 and over) – Semi Final – Heat 1

  1. Cartwright, Dayle        FL 80.67
  2. Holsey, Darren          USA 73.33
  3. Vermillion, Mathew  OH 67.33
  4. Cheisman, Ben            FL 61.33
  5. LaVeme Sr., Rex         CA 39.33
  6. Scheller, Bryan           FL 28.00

Veterans (40 and over) – Semi Finals – Heat 2

  1. Jones, Steve              CO 75.67
  2. Cattaneo, Martin      FL 46.67
  3. Erickson, Carl            FL 39.33
  4. Birch, Fred                 AZ 29.67
  5. Coons, Todd              CA 24.33

Men’s 1 (19-24) – Semi Finals – Heat 1 

  1. Franco, Jared             FL 72.33
  2. White, Woody           KY 67.67
  3. Stiener, Cameron      KY 61.67
  4. Crisler, Hunter           CO 46.57
  5. Guenther, Jack          TX 31.67

Men’s 2 (25-29) – Semi Finals – Heat 2

  1. Cole, Sam                  UT 81.33
  2. Pazerunas, Thomas USA 73.33
  3. Hutts, Kevin             USA 60.00
  4. Tatro, Devin              TN 55.00

Junior Men (14-18) – Semi Finals – Heat 1

  1. Conrady, Mikey       USA 76.67
  2. McClure, Jimmy        VA 72.00
  3. Foushee, Jesse          NC 69.00
  4. Brooks, Tyler             OK 61.67
  5. Delgado, Darin          CA 46.67
  6. Terwisscha, Jani       MN 35.00
  7. Kollath, Prestin          SC DQ

Junior Men (14-18) Semi-Finals- Heat 2

  1. Rau, Ethan                 WI 78.33
  2. Sommer, Tyler          TX 72.33
  3. Landa, Jonathan       FL 55.00
  4. Thibodeau, Brendon MI 45.00
  5. Birch, Andy                AZ 44.33
  6. Smith, Mathew         CA 38.33
  7. Hudnall, Austin          VA DQ
As the organizer and sanctioning body of the Nautique WWA National Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy, the World Wakeboard Association would like to thank all our partners who make this event possible, including Nautique Boats, Rockstar Energy Drink, Fox, PCM Marine Engines, Ronix, CWB, Aktion Parks and the Miami Watersports Complex.
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