National Points Chase F.A.Q.

How are the overall points figured?

The lowest overall points you could get for winning the division is 10 points, even if you are the only one in it. If you have more than ten people it is worth more overall points for two reasons. One it is harder to beat 13 people than 9 or even 2 other people, also I wanted to be able to give points to everyone that rode even the last place finisher! This way we don’t make it weighted heavily to or for against either situation (a lot or very few riders) because the individual can’t control that but the rider in a monstrous heat is rewarded a little bit. Hopefully everyone agrees on the happy medium. If there is 3 or more qualifying series per discipline the lowest score will be dropped per discipline. There will be completely separate qualifying series for PARK and FEATURES.

Can I Change Divisions?

If you have to move down a division because of injury or whatever you can carry your points down with you. Example if I rode in Pro week 1 and got smoked but did earn 4 points I can carry those down to the advanced division since I was against harder competition. Now as far as moving up to a harder division, which will probably happen more often, riders will receive 70% of the points they earned in the lesser division. So if I won beginner and realize I belong in Intermediate, I would be able to apply 7 pts to my overall intermediate score for week1.

Will my points count if I ride at multiple parks?

The scores will count but only for the park in which you rode that week. You can ride at multiple parks and even qualify for multiple parks, but the scores will be kept completely separate.

When am I Sandbagging?

There should be a division for everyone competing. The novice division is for novice riders, not intermediate riders that don’t do air tricks. If that is you step up your game and learn an air trick. The beginner division is for riders that are new to the sport. If you can only ride around the cable and not hit structures you should feel comfortable competing in the beginner category. While you won’t be on the podium the difference between first and last should not make a rider feel uncomfortable. Please take a long look at the limitations for the divisions and see if you can compete in the higher division rather than max out a lower division. It will not only help you improve your riding at a quicker pace, but will also allow newer riders to compete and join the competitive side of the sport we have grown to love. The goals of the Points Chase is to have a division for everyone and to grow the sport and improve everyones riding level here in the states!

How do I earn a spot for the championship?

Amateur Riders can qualify for the Points Championship if they compete at their local series or another parks local series. If your park doesn’t have a Points Chase Qualifying event, you will not be able to compete at Nationals.

Pro Wakeboarders and Wakeskaters may qualify just like the amateur divisions. Pro riders may also qualify in the opening Round. If riders did not qualify through a home park they will need to qualify in the opening round for Pro divisions in both Park and Features Only.

TIE BREAKERS for weekly overall scores:

If two or more riders top qualifying scores combined are tied at the end of the series a tie breaker will be used to determine the higher placement:

  1. Head to head weeks where the tied riders competed against each other. This only works if two riders are tied (not 3 or more) The rider that had the higher placement in events that both riders competed in will win the tie breaker. If the riders beat each other equally once, twice or even three times then see the next tie breaker.
  2. Who won more individual events. If riders won the same amount of weekly events see next tie breaker.
  3. Who placed second at more events. If riders placed second the same amount of weekly events see next tie breaker.
  4. Who placed third at more events. If riders placed third the same amount of weekly events see next tie breaker.
    5. If everything is exactly even it will remain a tie.

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