Prairie Creek HyperTour

The 2011 Prairie Creek HyperTour goes off this weekend! Bands, Big Wakes, and Boards are in the mix… and don’t forget about $6,000 in Prize Money!!! Byerly Boards Pro Team Rider, Phil Aslinger, will accompany Hyperlite’s Matt Sims, Taylor Renfroe, and Jeremy Baker at the largest wakeboard contest in Arkansas! Don’t miss out on this weekend full of fun.

Schedule of Events:

June 18, 2011 – Clinic Day, Learn to Wakeboard:

Take a lesson from the pro’s behind a MasterCraft or Tige’ wakeboard boat

Cost: $50 for 30 minute session

Children though adults

Early sign-up at Ski & Sports is recommended, space is limited

After the clinic, there is a participant picnic at Ski & Sports from 6 – 8p.

Prizes will be raffled including a pro-model wakeboard from Hyperlite, good food by Catering Unlimited, & live band: Kelly Road.

Sunday, June 19, 2011 Krazy Glue Wakeboard Championships:

  • Registration Fee – $35 @ Ski & Sports
  • All advance sign-ups will be at Ski & Sports, Inc. during business hours.
  • Early sign-up is recommended, space is limited.
  • On-site sign-up closes at 8:00 a.m. on June 19

*Tournament Registration Fee does not include $30 WWA Membership which must be purchased at time of sign-up.


Accurate Lines

Judging will be based on a subjective judging format comprising of 3 judges in the boat.  There are 3 areas the rider will be judged: composition, execution, and intensity.

Riders tournament pass will be 2 runs – down and back within the tournament area with a 2 fall format.  Outlaw and Pro divisions will have a 5 minute run to complete as much as they can in the specified time limit with unlimited falls.

Divisions will be as follows:

Youth Novice – 12 years of age and under – tricks limited up to 180 wake jumps, no further spins or inverts allowed.

Adult Novice – 13 years of age and older – same as above

Intermediate – all age groups – limited to any combination of 2 invert/spins (up to a 360 spin)

Advanced – all age groups – limited to 5 inverts and/or spins

Outlaw – unlimited number of spins and inverts – no mobe tricks, no spins above 540  (5 minute format)

Pro – unlimited everything, all tricks allowed (5 minute format)

Click Here for additional information regarding the 2011 Prairie Creek HyperTour!!!

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