Pro Athletes Dominate the Final Day of Competition at the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wake Park World Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy

Playa del Carmen, Mexico (October 21, 2019) –7X Wakeboard and 5X Wakesurf boat of the year, the Super Air Nautique G23 pulled the world’s greatest to victory in the final day of competition at the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy. With multiple overall titles on the line, today’s competition was filled with amazing moments including Nautique athlete Cory Teunissen snagging his second World title. In the afternoon the crowds of the Mayan Water Complex made their way back to the cable to watch the final rounds of the 2019 Nautique WWA Wake Park World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy and to properly close out the 30 Years of Wake celebration, applauding all things wake. 

“What an incredible week in Mexico at the Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wake Park World Championships,” said Nautique President Greg Meloon. “The best amateurs and pros battled hard behind the G23 and in the park and we’re excited to crown the new World champs! A big congrats to Nautique rider Cory Teunissen in his World title and overall World Series and Nautique Wake Series win.” 

Coco Mendez (MEX) turned it up to a different level displaying his all-time skill behind the Super Air Nautique G23 landing a wake to wake hard flip, wake to wake kick flip, and a T/S wake to wake 360 shuv it to take home the Pro Wakeskate World title with a score of 91.33. Reed Hansen (USA) took second, scoring 83.33 with a nose grab H/S F/S 360. Finishing off the podium in third, Brian Grubb (USA) scored 81.00 with a stylish T/S F/S 360. Noah Wildman (USA) put down an 84.67 point score to take the Jr. Pro Men’s World title with a double back roll and a near perfect moby dick 540 in his run. Fynn Bullock-Womble placed second scoring 75.00 points, landing a super clean H/S B/S 720, followed by Tyler Worrall (USA) in third with 62.67. 

Meagan Ethell (USA) put down an amazing performance in the Pro Women’s Final, taking the win with a nearly flawless run, scoring 92.67 and earning her fifth WWA World title. Leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that she had just won the World title, Wakeboard World Series overall title and Nautique Wake Series overall title, Ethell threw down a moby dick and a handle pass KGB for the win. In second Nautique athlete Zahra Kell (AUS), scored 89.33 throwing down an equally impressive run complete with a technical dum dum. Rounding the podium in third, Nautique athlete Erika Lang (USA) threw a melan H/S front flip for a score of 84.33.

Nautique team athlete Cory Teunissen showed up to the Pro Men’s finals ready to throw down his best performance behind the legendary Super Air Nautique G23 in hopes of snagging a 2019 World title. Teunissen earned what he came for, putting it all together to grab himself his second WWA Pro Men’s Wakeboard World title throwing a textbook T/S F/S 1080, double half cab roll, and a melon pete rose for a finishing score of 97.33. In second, Nic Rapa (AUS) pulled out all the stops, landing a H/S indy B/S 720 and a double tantrum to score 95.67. Nautique athlete Tony Iacconi (AUS) placed third rounding out a full Aussie podium with 93.00 points throwing a huge indy moby dick into the flats in his first pass.

“I’m so stoked to take the win today at the Nautique WWA Wakeboard Worlds. Being on top of the podium after all the boys threw down some all-time performances today feels totally surreal. I just signed on as a Nautique athlete this year and to end the 2019 season with a World title and Overall Series titles feels absolutely insane!” commented Nautique rider Cory Teunissen.  
Cory Teunissen (AUS) also took home the 2019 Nautique Wake Series overall title with four first place finishes this season, beating the reigning champion Harley Clifford (AUS). Grabbing the third title win, Teunissen was also crowned the 2019 Wakeboard World Series (WBWS) overall champion, his first win of the overall title race as a Pro rider. 2019 was a season to watch coming down as one of the most competitive years in the history of our sport.

The remaining Amateur Features Only final rounds kicked off the final day on the cable with some stellar performances had by every rider. Axel Paget (FRA) earned his Grom Features Only World title after throwing a melan crow mobe off the kicker and a back lip to gap to F/S 360 to switch back lip on the A-frame for a winning score of 96.60. In second Cameron Spalding (CDN) threw a huge KGB 540 for a score of 93.40, followed by Ethan Bertogal (FRA) in third with 75.90.

Fynn Bullock-Womble took the Jr. Pro Features World title with a lip slide to B/S 450 to fakie out on the A-frame and a T/S B/S 1080 off the kicker to complete the win with a 96.00 final score. Displaying a unique style of his own, Mikayo Mundy (AUS) transitioned from the A-frame to the box with a very unique indy Mexican roll to blind sealing up his second place finish and a score of 94.00. Stefan Hahn annihilated all of the kickers to round out the podium in third with a final score of 75.90.  

In the Pro Women Features final, Ronix rider Julia Rick (GER) claimed yet another World title for the weekend throwing a T/S B/S 900 off the kicker and a transfer to T/S B/S 270 into pretzel to 270 out for a 95.30 winning score. Rounding out the podium, Lisa Baloo (RUS) took second with 87.10 points laying down an indy tantrum to blind ahead of Anna Nikstad (USA) in third for a score of 84.80 carrying one of the most stylish rail games in the business.  

The Pro Men’s Features final was a true test to every athlete’s strategy and style throughout the entire heat. Reigning champion Guenther Oka (USA) rose to the top with a 94.60 score locking in a H/S B/S 1080 off the kicker and a hard way 270 nose press to 270 out on the cnb rail. Liam Brearley (CDN) executed a switch back lip to transfer to 450 transfer on the A frame taking second with 95.90. Joe Battleday (GBR) rounded out the podium third with a big ollie 50/50 to B/S 180 to 50/50 for a final score of 82.70.

Wake Canada’s Windmill Wake Park cleaned house winning the 2019 Overall Team World titles in both Traditional and Features Only divisions, followed closely by Bli Bli Wake Park in second and Vasteras Wake Park in third in both divisions.  The tropical paradise of the beautiful Mayan Water Complex played host to the culminating events of the season bringing together 400 wake athletes from 20 different countries to celebrate the WWA’s 30 Years of Wake and compete at 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wake Park World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy! This dual-action phenomenon of an event will once again return back to Mayan’s turquoise waters for the 2020 season finale. 

For a full list of results from day four of the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy Click Here.

For a full list of results from day four of the 2019 Nautique WWA Wake Park World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy Click Here.

Dedicated to progressing the sport from the ground up, the Nautique Wake Series puts riders first, developing the stars of tomorrow and showcasing the top athletes of today with every major event held behind the Super Air Nautique G23. The Nautique Wake Series is the only event series that gives riders of all ages, gender and skill level the opportunity to compete at an elite level. level. 

For more information on the Nautique Wake Series Click Here.

For more information on the 2019 WWA Wakeboard World Series Click Here.

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