Pro Men’s Traditional Cable – New Head to Head Format Details

There is a new format and scoring percentages that will be used for the WWA Wake Park National Championships at Miami Watersports Complex.  The new format and scoring percentages will be used for the entire WWA Wake Park World Series (WPWS) and will debut in mid August at the National Championships in Miami for pro men’s traditional cable.   
The new format will introduce a top 8 head to head final.  The new format will introduce a top 8 head to head final.  The top 8 finals will be ran with the standard 1 lap + with one pickup.This final will be ran in 3 segments with the each round ran with another divisions final in between.  First will be the exhilarating round of 8, then the top 4 will fight it out for a place in the main final.  Then there will be a thrilling a consolation round for 3rd place and lastly a super final banger battling it out for first place.  This new change will add more riders to the finals, less downtime between head to head rides and a more exciting structure for spectators to understand and watch.  
Pro Men’s traditional cable will also introduce a brand new scoring breaking down.  There will be new percentages introduced at the WWA Wake Park National Championships that will carry through for the entire WWA Wake Park World Series, which includes the prestigious WWA Wake Park World Championships in Abu Dhabi at Al Forsan sports resort.  The new scoring percentages focus more on the tricks being performed and how they were executed both off the flats and on the features.  Scoring will now be an even better overall balance and each of the scoring categories allow judges to focus on all dynamics of their category.  
All pro men’s traditional cable riders MUST attend the riders meeting for debriefing on all the new additions and have the chance to have your questions answered regarding the new format and scoring percentages.  It is mandatory that all pro men’s traditional riders attend this riders meeting as there is more to acknowledge and understand before the event starts.
See you at in Miami and looking forward to crowing some new National Champions!

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