Pro Riders Hit the Water in Portugal for the Nautique European Pro Am Presented by Rockstar

FERREIRA DO ZEZERE, Portugal (June 11, 2016) – The talented field of professional athletes hit the water for the first time this weekend during today’s competition for Pro Men and Women Quarterfinals, while Amateur divisions battled for supremacy in their respective division Finals. Elite Nautique riders JD Webb (USA) and Mike Dowdy (USA) threw down impressive performances behind the wake of the Super Air Nautique G23, along with Rusty Malinoski (CAN) to win their respective Pro Men heats.

“Tomorrow is shaping up for an incredible showdown behind the Nautique G23,” said Team Nautique Rider JD Webb. The deep, beautiful water here at Castelo do Bode is awesome and the wake is always perfect behind a G! “I’m looking forward to carrying the momentum from today’s qualifying into the Semifinals and putting on a great show for the fans.”


In the Pro Women Semifinals, Alice Virag (ITA), Taylor McCullough (USA) and Tarah Mikacich (USA) demonstrated spectacular riding en route to their heat-winning runs to make it known that they will be gunning for the top step of the podium in Portugal. The Pro Women will prepare for their final runs tomorrow and chance to be crowned champion.

A talented group of Amateurs competed in their Finals today, which included Heidi Vercesi (ITA) picking up the win in the Women’s Wakeskate class. An impressive run by Marco Colombo (ITA) was used to take the top honors in the Jr. Boy’s Beginner (9&under) Finals, while Helen Carroll (GBR) claimed the Masters Women Finals win.


Mark Goldsmith (GBR) executed a near perfect run thanks to his veteran experience and was awarded with a score of 75.67 in the Veterans (40&over) division, bringing home the overall win. After an impressive qualifying performance, Renato Bosch (PRT) carried his confidence to win the Adaptive Standing Final.

Jr. Pro Men (14-18) competitors went huge behind the G23 during their highly competitive Semifinal heat. Australia’s Elliot Digney won the qualifier by edging out Luca Kidd (GBR) and Tyler Higham (USA). The trio will face each other for the final time this weekend during tomorrow’s finale on world-stage.

The final day of the Nautique European Pro Am is set to kick off at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 12, beginning with the completion of Amateur Finals and wrapping up with the Pro Men and Women Finals.

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Dedicated to progressing the sport from the ground up, the Nautique Wake Series puts riders first, developing the stars of tomorrow and showcasing the top athletes of today. The addition of the WWA Wakeboard World Championships provides athletes the perfect platform throughout the entire season with every major event held behind the Super Air Nautique G23.

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As the organizer and sanctioning body of the 2016 Nautique European Pro Am presented by Rockstar Energy, the World Wakeboard Association would like to thank all of its partners for their support in making the event possible, including Nautique Boat Company and Rockstar Energy Drink.

For more information on the 2016 Wakeboard World Series Click Here.


Nautique European Pro Am Presented by Rockstar Energy

Castelo do Bode – Ferreira do Zezere, Portugal

Saturday, June 11, 2016

 Men’s Pro – Quarterfinals: Heat 01

  1. Rusty Malinoski (CAN) – 85.00
  2. Austin Hair (USA) – 75.00
  3. Steel Lafferty (USA) – 65.00
  4. Nic Rapa (AUS) – 63.33
  5. Damien Adam (MRI) – 46.67

  1. Ian Cole (USA) – 35.00

Men’s Pro – Quarterfinals: Heat 02

  1. JD Webb (USA) – 92.67
  2. Tony Iaconni (AUS) – 83.33
  3. Jeff Langley (USA) – 79.33
  4. Shawn Watson (USA) – 76.00
  5. Cory Teunissen (AUS) – 71.00

  1. Juan Mendez (USA) – 66.67

 Men’s Pro – Quarterfinals: Heat 03

  1. Mike Dowdy (USA) – 90.67
  2. Massi Piffaretti (ITA) – 86.00
  3. Shota Tezuka (JPN) – 82.33
  4. Dean Smith (AUS) – 71.67
  5. Tony Carroll (USA) – 63.33

  1. Bernardo Brando (PRT) – 41.67
  2. Edd Blundell (GBR) – 30.00

 Women’s Pro – Quarterfinals: Heat 01

  1. Alice Virag (ITA) – 79.67
  2. Nicole Butler (USA) – 63.33
  3. Chloe Mills (AUS) – 55.67


  1. Amber Wing (AUS) – 47.00
  2. Chiara Virag (ITA) – 43.33
  3. Abby Delgoffe (USA) – 34.00

 Women’s Pro – Quarterfinals: Heat 02

  1. Taylor McCullough (USA) – 77.67
  2. Giorgia Gregoria (ITA) – 68.33
  3. Raimi Merritt (USA) – 62.67

  1. Charlotte Bryant (GBR) – 53.33
  2. Meg Barker (GBR)) – 48.33
  3. Larissa Morales (MEX) – 31.67

 Women’s Pro – Quarterfinals: Heat 03:

  1. Tarah Mikacich (USA) – 73.33
  2. Meagan Ethell (USA) – 59.67
  3. Corrie Wilson (USA) – 55.00

  1. Erika Lang (USA) – 42.00
  2. Chelsea Clark (USA) – 29.67

 Professional Wakeskate – Semifinals: Heat 01

  1. Coco Mendez (USA) – 80.00
  2. Reed Hansen (USA) – 66.67
  3. Brian Grubb (USA) – 56.67
  4. Daniel Braga (PRT) – 33.33

  1. Tiago Miguel (PRT) – 20.00

Jr. Pro Men (14-18) – Semifinals: Heat 01

  1. Elliot Digney (AUS) – 72.67
  2. Luca Kidd (GBR) – 63.00
  3. Tyler Higham (USA) – 47.67
  4. Callan Starr (AUS) – 46.33
  5. Cobe France (AUS) – 42.33
  6. Lewy Watt (AUS) – 33.33

Jr. Men (14-18) – Semfinals: Heat 01

  1. Jorge Alberto Perez Gordillo (MEX) – 87.33
  2. Mattia Gregorio (ITA) – 78.33
  3. Bryce Grey (AUS) – 70.33
  4. Lorenzo Montes de Oca Gende (ITA) – 63.00

  1. Andrea Montes de Oca Gende (ITA) – 54.00
  2. Johann Overmeer (GBR) – 41.67

Girls (10-13) – Semifinals: Heat 01

  1. Alize Piana (ITA) – 60.00
  2. Anna Maria Kushkovskaya (RUS) – 51.67
  3. Sofia Mendez (USA) – 45.00

 Boys (10-13) – Semifinals: Heat 01

  1. Igor Colombo (ITA) – 70.00
  2. Janis Zalpeteris (LAT) – 60.00
  3. Joseph Humphries (GBR) – 48.33
  4. Louis Overmeer (GBR) – 44.33

Veterans (40&Over) – Finals: Heat 01

  1. Mark Goldsmith (GBR) – 75.67
  2. Senen Perez (SPN) – 55.00
  3. Mark Osmond (GBR) – 47.67

  1. Carmelo Colombo (ITA) – 35.00

 Women’s Wakeskate – Finals: Heat 01

  1. Heidi Vercesi (ITA) – 43.33

 Jr. Boy’s Beginner (9&Under) – Finals: Heat 01

  1. Marco Colombo (ITA) – 50.00

 Boy’s Beginner (10-13) – Finals: Heat 01

  1. Luis Gama Rocha (PRT) – 70.00
  2. Ronalds Gulbis (LAT) – 60.00
  3. Vasco Trindade Jr (PRT) – 50.00

  1. Xavi Segadaes (PRT) – 45.00
  2. Toms Gulbis (LAT) – 40.00

Adaptive Standing – Finals: Heat 01

  1. Renato Bosch (PRT) – 53.33

 Masters Women – Finals: Heat 01

  1. Helen Carroll (GBR) – 45.00

 Amateur Women’s (19-29) – Finals: Heat 01

  1. Jane Webber – 41.67

 Jr. Women (14-18) – Finals: Heat 01

  1. Ines Segadaes (PRT) – 53.33


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