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In August 2010, the Netherlands will be the second stop – after the USA – of the WWA Wake Park World Series. International riders, but also Dutch rider and world champion Maxine Sapulette, will take part and can – alongside claiming the Protest Cable Call crown – also score points for the overall world championship title.

Wakeboarding is a young, rapidly developing sport that uses snowboarding and surfing techniques. Water, speed and a board constitute the basis for this sport. As the name suggests, boat wakeboarding utilises the wake behind a boat to do tricks on. Cable wakeboarding depends on the cableway and the acceleration in the turns to perform tricks.

Furthermore, rails and ramps in the water provide additional options for specific tricks and moves. Back roll, front roll, mobe, board slide, ollie and a whirliebird to name just a few.

The Protest Cable Call is a cable wakeboarding event. Thanks to the 13 cable parks in the Netherlands, wakeboarding is accessible to many. This explains the high number of top international riders from the Netherlands. An interesting detail is that the riders are pulled round the lake at some 30 Km/h and use the turns to accelerate even further, helping them to launch 4 to 5 metre high jumps. It is not a sport for the timid.

On Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 August 2010 during the Protest Cable Call four categories will strut their stuff: the Pro Men, Pro Women, Junior Men and the Open Men. Because the new cable park Down Under is set to open in June at a well-known recreation area, the general public are expected to turn up alongside the wakeboard enthusiasts. This is nicely aligned with both Protest and the WWA’s missions to promote the sport and to help everyone to board more.

Date: 14 & 15 August 2010

Location: Down Under, Nieuwegein

2010 WWA Wake Park World Series

Stop 1: 5/6 June, Texas Ski Ranch, USA

Stop 2: 14/15 August, the Netherlands

Stop 3: 28/29 August, Germany

Stop 4, 27 September – 2 October, Turkey

Stop 5: 27/31 October, the Philippines.

Note for the press:

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About Protest:

Protest is a design-driven boardwear brand from the Netherlands. Alongside creating beautiful, functional clothes, the organisation centres on helping everyone overcome the obstacles that get in the way of boarding. Protest’s mission is: ‘To help everyone ride more’. The objective: to get as much pleasure as you can from the things you do. Protest To Get There.


About the World Wakeboard Association

The WWA is a non-profit organisation founded by wakeboarders to promote, support and further develop the sport. This is achieved by organising and supporting wakeboarding events around the world. The WWA consists of riders, organisers, sponsors and WWA members.

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