Nautique Boats and the World Wake Association (WWA) have worked with an exclusive panel of wakesurfing’s top athletes and officials in an effort to create the next generation of competitive wakesurfing format, judging criteria and divisions. The 2018 Nautique USA National Wakesurf Championships will be the first event to showcase this new format, propelling a positive impact to the world of wakesurfing for many seasons to follow.

“Through our partnership with Nautique, we are taking steps in an effort to excel the sport of wakesurfing,” said WWA President, Shannon Starling. “Together, with an elite group of legends and leaders in the sport, we’ve created a progressive format that encourages flow and creativity to emerge in an atmosphere that is competitive and fun. Whether it be an updated use of the D.R.I.V.E system, simplified scoring or proper use of the heat system, we are confident the athletes and spectators alike should see a more understandable and consistent environment in the sport.”

Heat System

  • Consistent use of WWA’s proven heat system, will provide a more defined placement and advancement system for the athletes. The heat system creates a more equal competition, to judge and determine the top athletes. Click Here for Official Format

All 3 Judges Writing Down Tricks  

  • There will be three judges all writing down the rider’s run. The judges will analyze the rider’s runs based off of the D.R.I.V.E criteria and score them accordingly. Each judge will make marks using their own shorthand to produce three accounts of what happened on the water. As a result, the judges should feel more confident in making decisions between runs that are close, and consequently less issues and disagreements should occur. Wakesurfing’s top athletes and officials have agreed that they would rather write down the runs using their own marks and shorthand as it helps them make the best decision at the end of the heat. Click Here for Official Format
“I’m really excited about the new format. I think it will put the riders and the judges on the same page and it will give the best rider of the day the best chance to get the win,” commented 7x WWA Wakeskate World Champion and world-renowned Wakeboard and Wakesurf official, Reed Hanson. “Having judged numerous wake events across varying disciplines, it only makes sense to transition the wakesurf judging criteria to better mimic a system that has worked for decades amongst other action sports. We would be doing the sport and the athletes a disservice by not better adapting the format.”

Simplified Scoring – One all encompassing score from each judge

  • In an effort to simplify the competitive side of the sport for the athletes, judges, and fans alike, one final score will be used from each judge as compared to multiple scores amongst each of the judging criteria elements. Click Here for Official Format

D.R.I.V.E System – Keeping the ‘Risk’ in D.R.I.V.E

  • Risk, among the other elements to the D.R.I.V.E system is important to acknowledge when judging wakesurfing. There is risk involved with wherethe rider places certain tricks within their run and how they are linkedtogether. There is risk in doing certain tricks with fins or doing certain tricks without fins. The bottom line is risk is just as important to acknowledge when judging a run as the rest of the criteria, and it should no longer be overlooked.  Click Here for Official Format
“With any sport, proper use of a scoring system is crucial for an athlete to progress in competition. By acknowledging the “risk” factor as an important piece of the D.R.I.V.E system when judging wakesurfing, we will see competitive wakesurfing evolve,” commented WWA Executive Director, Corrie Wilson. “We are in the midst of a defining time for the sport of wake and I couldn’t be more stoked to work alongside the top athletes and officials that share that same drive to give wakesurfing the push it’s been looking for.”

Combining Skim & Surf Style Disciplines

  • Athletes will compete in a unique rider-developed format, featuring one discipline that combines skim and surf styles in both the amateur and pro divisions. This combination acknowledges that certain tricks are harder on certain boards and the event officials will take into account all aspects when scoring these riders. For example, a shuv with big surf style fins in most cases will be harder than a skim style board with no fins.  Likewise, big airs will be harder for skim boarders with smaller fins vs. a surf style board with huge fins.
    • Riders also have the opportunity to ride one style board one pass and another style the next pass – providing endless possibilities of creativity. Click Here for Official Format
“As a guy who has been in competitive wakesurfing since it started, this new format and approach is a breath of fresh air! I have always been a fan of ride what you want but it’s one division,” said Nautique team rider, Drew Danielo. “This new format combats the old-school mentality that the surf and skim styles are different and can’t be judged together properly.  No longer are we being judged on how many tricks you can jam into a run but how well and stylish are you executing tricks and the best use of equipment.Bring your favorite board and be ready to have fun!”
The Course
“Combining the best wave, qualified judging, a revolutionizing new formatand the love of wakesurfing – this new approach will definitely give competitive wakesurfing a fresh new feel,” said Nautique team rider, Jodi Grassman.
*There are no qualification requirements to register for this event*
Event Dates:
September 28th-30th, 2018
Entry Fees:
All Amateur Divisions: $125
All Pro Divisions: $150
Brazos River, Downtown Waco, Texas
202 S. University Parks Dr.
Waco, TX 76701

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