The Finals for the Nautique WWA National Championships are Set in Miami

Lake Alfred, Fla. (August 15, 2015) – After another great day at the Miami Watersports Complex, the finals for the Nautique WWA National Championships presented by Rockstar Energy are set. With pros from the Nautique Wake Series, Wakeboard World Series (WBWS) and Wake Park World Series (WPWS) competing, the fans saw a great show.
As the field vying for the top spot continued to shrink, the quality of the riders’ runs continued to improve. Putting down the best runs and claiming the No.1 seeds in their Men’s Professional Feature semi-final heats were Nautique athlete Bob Soven and his brother Phillip. Joining them in the finals is Austin Hair, Dean Smith, Nautique’s Noah Flegel, and Harley Clifford.

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“It’s awesome when both my bother and I can celebrate together,” said Bob Soven. The Super Air Nautque G23 is the best wake in the world so you are going to see everyone riding their best in the final. Phil and I are stoked to have yet another brotherly battle, this time for the National Championships.”

In the Pro Women’s division we also saw innovation as Meagan Ethell, put together an amazing run to lead Raimi Merritt, and Ashley Leugner into the finals.

In the Pro Wakeskate class, Danny Hampson and Brian Grubb lead the field of Reed Hansen and Austin Polterock into the finals behind the Super Air Nautique G21.
“Everyone has really stepped up their riding and it has taken nearly flawless runs to get into the finals,” said Hampson. “I know tomorrow is going to be even harder as we are all trying to take the contest, but also win the Nautique Wake Series and secure an invite to the U.S. Masters.”

On the cables more impressive runs were being laid down as Cristobal Mendez took the semi-final win in the Pro Wakeskate semi-final to lead George Daniels, Reed Hansen and Nicholas Robinson into the finals tomorrow.  While Gavin Stuckey and Andrew Watson claimed the Open Men Features semi-finals win, Jamie Lopina, Meagan Ethell and Taylor McCulough all advanced to the Pro Women Features Championship round.

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The day was punctuated late in the afternoon as the Rockstar Energy Kicker Best Trick Contest took over the park. At the end it was Brenton Priestley who landed a massive Method to Blind to claim the victory over Oli Derome and Shane Bentley.

“I’m stoked to win the Rockstar Best Trick contest,” said Priestley. “Everything came together perfectly for me. I’ve been working hard on landing the method to blind and to nail it in competition felt amazing.”

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After all the fun in the sun at the Miami Watersports Complex, all amateurs, pro’s and their families gathered together to award the 37 amateur national champions their well-deserved trophies.

Sunday marks the final day of competition at the Nautique WWA National Championships. Titles will be awarded in the remaining divisions for the event and the Nautique Wake Series champion will be crowned.  Overall champions from each pro division will receive an invite to the most prestigious event in watersports, the Nautique U.S. Masters.Results

Nautique WWA National Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy
Miami Watersports Complex – Miami, Florida
Saturday, August 15, 2015



Pro Cable Wakeskate – Semi Finals – Heat 1

  1. Mendez, Cristobal   USA      80.00
  2. Daniels, George        USA      70.00
  3. Polterock, Austin        USA      50.00
  4. Tkachenko, Anton      USA      40.00
  5. Petrenko, Edgar                        30.00

Pro Cable Wakeskate – Semi Finals – Heat 2

  1. Hansen, Reed             USA      73.33
  2. Robsinson, Nicholas USA     60.00
  3. Hampson, Danny        USA       50.00
  4. Stern, Forrest               USA      40.00
  5. Thomas, Brandon       USA      30.00



Open Men’s Features – Semi Finals – Heat 1 

  1. Stuckey, Gavin           FL         96.40
  2. Stucky, Trent              FL         88.30
  3. Tkachenko, Anton      CA          85.30
  4. Thibodeau, Brendon    MI          70.00

Open Men’s Features – Semi Finals – Heat 2 

  1. Watson, Andrew      FL         89.50
  2. Powell, Brett                          87.30
  3. Forrest, Chad                FL      83.10
  4. Fantin, Brenno             FL       21.00



Women’s Professional Features – Semi Finals – Heat 1 

  1. Lopina, Jamie             USA      96.00
  2. Ethell, Meagan           USA      90.30
  3. McCulough, Taylor     USA      83.70



Men’s Professional Features – Semi Finals – Heat 1

  1. Powell, Chandler      USA      93.20
  2. Flegel, Noah              USA      89.40
  3. Allen, Keenan             USA      82.10
  4. Watson, Shawn            USA      75.30




Pro Wakeskate – Semi-Finals – Heat 1 

  1. Hampson, Danny     USA      88.33
  2. Hansen, Reed                           79.33
  3. Thomas, Brandon     USA      69.33
  4. Daniels, George        USA      60.00

Pro Wakeskate – Semi-Finals – Heat 2

  1. Grubb, Brian               USA      85.00
  2. Polterock, Austin                     77.67
  3. Mendez, Cristoba  l      USA      60.00



Junior Pro Men’s – Semi-Finals – Heat 1

  1. Schramm, Mac            USA      70.00
  2. Hancock, Bryson        USA      53.33
  3. Takahashi, Mizuki        JPN       46.67
  4. Higham, Tyler              USA      40.00

Junior Pro Men’s – Semi-Finals – Heat 2

  1. Soven, Jason               USA      78.33
  2. France, Cobe               USA      76.00
  3. Oka, Guenther              USA      73.00
  4. Bartley, Joel                  AUS      61.67

Junior Pro Men’s – Semi-Finals – Heat 3

  1. Rapa, Nic                     AUS      78.33
  2. Watt, Lewy                   AUS      71.00
  3. Mendez, Juan               VEN     60.00
  4. Holihan, Robby            USA      50.67



Women’s Pro – Semi-Final – Heat 1 

  1. Friday, Dallas             USA      88.33
  2. Butler, Nicola             GBR     80.00
  3. Mikacich, Tarah          USA      75.00
  4. Marquardt, Melissa       USA      57.33
  5. Mills, Chloe                  AUS      55.00
  6. Wilson, Corrie              USA      41.67

Women’s Pro – Semi Final – Heat 2 

  1. Ethell, Meagan           USA      86.67
  2. Merritt, Raimi             USA      71.67
  3. Leugner, Ashley        CDN     55.33
  4. McCullough, Taylor      USA      52.33
  5. Lang, Erika                   USA      49.00
  6. Morales, Larisa            MEX     44.33
  7. Delgoffe, Abby             USA      30.00



Men’s Professional Semi-Final – Heat 1 

  1. Soven, Bob                 USA      88.67
  2. Hair, Austin                 USA      83.00
  3. Rattray, Kyle                CDN     80.67
  4. Webb, JD                     USA      70.67
  5. Siegele, Parker           AUS      58.00
  6. Carroll, Tony                USA      50.33

Men’s Professional Semi-Heat – Heat 2 

  1. Soven, Phillip             USA      86.00
  2. Smith, Dean                AUS      82.00
  3. Powers, Daniel            USA      79.33
  4. Dowdy, Mike                USA      76.33
  5. Tezuka, Shota             JPN       74.00
  6. LaRiche, Jimmy           USA      69.67

Men’s Professional Semi-Final – Heat 3

  1. Flegel, Noah              USA      95.33
  2. Clifford, Harley         AUS      93.00
  3. Piffaretti, Massi           ITL        91.00
  4. Lacconi, Tony             AUS       83.67
  5. Derome, Oli                 CDN       73.33
  6. Lafferty, Steel              USA        49.67


Men’s Wakeskate Finals 

  1. Hansen, Reed             USA      90.00
  2. Robinson, Nicholas    USA     80.00
  3. Daniels, George                       60.00
  4. Mendez, Cristobal      USA      40.00

Open Men Features Finals

  1. Stuckey, Gavin           FL         86.90
  2. Stucky, Trent              FL         86.80
  3. Watson, Andrew         FL         85.50
  4. Powell, Brett                               80.80

Pro Women Features Finals 

  1. Jaime, Lopina             USA      93.80
  2. Ethell, Meagan           USA      90.30
  3. McCullough, Taylor   USA      85.90

Pro Men Features Finals

  1. Fooshee, Tom             USA      88.30
  2. Flegel, Noah                USA      85.70
  3. Soven, Bob                   USA      85.20
  4. Powell, Chandler        USA      80.80

Rockstar Energy Best Trick / Big Air Kicker Contest 

  1. Priestley, Brandon 
  2. Derome, Oli
  3. Bentley, Shane

As the organizer and sanctioning body of the Nautique WWA National Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy, the World Wakeboard Association would like to thank all our partners who make this event possible, including Nautique Boats, Rockstar Energy Drink, Fox, PCM Marine Engines, Ronix, CWB, Aktion Parks and the Miami Watersports Complex.

For more information on the Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wakepark National Championships, please visit: more information on the Nautique Wake Series including the Nautique Wake Series overall standings, please visit

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