The Limelight with Nick Davies

In this second installment of The Limelight, we’ll take a look into the technical riding of Nick Davies. This insane English rider is a past World Champion in the Pro Men’s division at the 2009 WWA Wake Park World Championships. Sitting in the judge’s booth in 2009 at CWC, I’ll never forget NickyD starting with his first trick as a heelside backside 900, hitting the rails solid, and tossing an array of super techy flats tricks including back mobe 5, raley 5, and a double-S-to-Blind. This pass at the time was simply unbeatable. You could of put three or four of the other top rider’s passes together and it still wouldn’t have held up to Nick’s 2009 World Championship pass.

Nick has been a little under the radar the past couple of years due to an almost career ending knee injury which he incurred while trying a double tantrum off the wake. But fortunately for us, he’s back on top of the game, winning the forth stop of the 2012 WWA Wake Park World Series at Protest Cable Call. Nick is on fire right now, and his momentum is taking stride at just the right time.

  • Date of Birth: June 20, 1989
  • Stance: Goofy (Right-foot-forward)
  • Year Pro: 9
  • Division(s): Pro Men, Pro Features
  • Current WWA Wake Park World Series Ranking: 5th
  • Where are you from? England, Chertsey Surrey
  • Home riding spot: Princes Club
  • Notable Wins: 2012 Protest Cable Call Champion, 2009 WWA Wake Park World Champion, 2009 WWA Wake Park World Series Stop 1 Champion, UK National Champion

WWA: Tell us about yourself.
Nick Davies: I’m 23, just traveling the World wakeboarding and having fun. Helping promote my sponsors, competing and filming.

WWA: How did you get into the sport?
Nick: A school friend got me into it at age 7.

WWA: Who has been most influential in your development of wakeboarding?
Nick: My biggest influence has always been other riders around me always stepping it up.

WWA: How has the 2012 season been so far?
Nick: Been a really good year. I’m one year out from injury, so it’s 1st season back. I can’t wait for the off season to just ride hard for a few months ready for 2013

WWA: What has been your favorite trip this year and why?
Nick: Japan, with Mystic wetsuits, great trip! lots of fun!
Check out Nick Davies Hits Japan to see more!

WWA: What is your mindset coming into the 2012 Wake Park World Championships?
Nick: Feeling healthy, riding strong, all my new gear is sick! I’m feeling really good and cannot wait to get out and ride!

WWA: Al Forsan has a plethora of new features including rails and kickers; how will they play a role in this year’s championships compared to the 2011 contest?
Nick: This makes every contest that much more fun! I’m excited to see whats new this year and how everyone adapts on the left foot forward cable! exciting times!

WWA: As you just mentioned, this year’s contest is on the opposite cable from last year (Clockwise cable); how will you adapt your riding to accommodate to this cable?
Nick: It’s going to be different that’s for sure, as I’ve not had to much practice, but it’ll be good and I should be able to adapt in a few days. It’s the same for everyone, so you gotta be on top of it.

WWA: What rider will you be most prepared to compete against?
Nick: Hard to say, it’s the worlds, every rider is strong in there own way! It will be difficult but exciting at the same time.

WWA: Who will be the top 3 finishers in your division?
Nick: I hope me, Tom, and I’m sure someone from Germany.


WWA: Any particular person that you’ll have your eyes set on to beat in the karting race?
Nick: I’m terrible, so i just cruise! haha

WWA: What about in the paintball arena? Who do you want to shoot?
Nick: You!

WWA: Who would you like to thank?
Nick: Mystic for the sickest wetsuits and life vests! Hyperlite boards and boots… simply amazing! Monster energy, Oakley, Rixen cable ways! GoPro cams! And thank you all for your support!

Make sure to follow Nick through his travels at:

Photos: Rodrigo Donoso

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