The Limelight with Omeir Saeed

image From Abu Dhabi, UAE (September 24, 2013) — When the WWA took Amber Wing, Dean Smith and Tom Fooshee over to Al Forsan International Sports Resort for the first ever demos and clinics back in October of 2011, there were few wakeboarders that could, without trouble, make their way around the cable. Fast forward to now and you’ll see riders such as Omeir Saeed, one of those original UAE riders, and you’ll see all sorts of high caliber riding from him.

Since those few days of clinics back in 2011, Omeir Saeed has probably progressed more than any other wakeboarder in the world. He’s now throwing down tricks like 313s, frontside 7s, and technical transfers. It’s going to be super fun at this year’s WWA Wake Park World Championships hosted by Al Forsan International Sports Resort to see how Omeir rides. He’s the local favorite and has definitely spent more time on the water at Al Forsan than any other wakeboarder.

We sat down with Omeir and got to know this rapidly progressing ripper. Click below to read the full story.this one

  • Date of Birth: 07/07/1997
  • Division(s): Pro Men
  • Years Riding: 2 and half years
  • Where are you from? Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 2012 Wake Park World Championships Placement: 1st place in Jr. Men’s
  • Home riding spot: Al Forsan Sports Resort

WWA: Tell us about yourself. What else besides wakeboarding do you do for fun?
Omeir Saeed: I usually play football with my friends at the Al Forsan football pitch.

WWA: How did you get into the sport?
Omeir: I first got into wakeboarding when one of my friends took me down to the cable. After that I got addicted.

WWA: Who has been most influential in your development of wakeboarding?
Omeir: The Al Forsan staff has supported me and helped me develop a lot over the past two years. I mostly learned all my tricks from watching videos but I also received lots of tips from my friend Fabien

WWA: How has the 2013 season been so far?… any new tricks that you’ve learned?
This 1Omeir: Have not done any competitions this year due to school. I have landed loads of new tricks and I am trying to add as much grabs and making them look as good as possible.

WWA: Where is the coolest place that you have gone wakeboarding?
Omeir: I enjoy riding here at my home cable at Al Forsan mostly because I get to ride with all my friends and have a good time. This summer I went to Orlando with the support of Red Bull and was able to ride at OWC (Orlando Watersports Complex) and train there for 2 weeks.

WWA: What is your mindset coming into the 2013 Wake Park World Championships?
Omeir: This year will be my first year riding Pro so I am really exited but also aware that I will be riding with the best of the best.

WWA: Was the 2011 Wake Park Worlds your first ever contest?
Omeir: My 1st competition was the UAE nationals, which was a week before the 2011 Wake Park Worlds.

This 1 toWWA: How would you say that the cable at Al Forsan has improved since it first opened?
Omeir: AL Forsan has improved a lot since it first opened. Now our cable has more features, which is also beneficial to the riders as they can improve their riding. Moreover, Al Forsan has introduced more experienced staff at the cable that are also wakeboarders, so they can help coach the more experienced riders as well as the beginners.

WWA: What rider will you be most prepared to compete against?
Omeir: You don’t know what to expect when you are riding with the best, so it is hard to prepare, because you don’t know what they may pull off.

WWA: Who will be the top 3 finishers in your division?
Omeir: You never know whom it maybe. Last year, James Windsor took every one by surprise in the Pro division and in the end getting a double win in Pro Features as well as Pro Men

WWA: Any particular person that you’ll have your eyes set on to beat in the karting race?
Omeir: Unfortunately, I was unable to compete in the 2012 karting race, but I hear Jamie Smith is not bad behind the wheel; hopefully, this year I will be able to compete.

WWA: What about in the paintball arena? Who do you want to shoot?
Omeir: There are a few people I want to shoot, but Julian Cohen is on the top of my list.

WWA: Who would you like to thank for your success in wakeboarding?
Omeir: I would like to thank my family for supporting me with my wakeboarding, my friends for always riding with me and making my time at the cable memorable. The Al Forsan staff for giving me all those deep water starts when no one is looking and for the good laughs. I would also like to thank AL Forsan for hooking me up with the best place to ride in Abu Dhabi, Red Bull for taking me on awesome trips and supporting me and Al Boom for hooking me up with my gear.

  • Instagram: @omeirsaeed_


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