The Limelight with Tom Fooshee

As the 2012 WWA Wake Park World Championships hosted by Al Forsan International Sports Resort nears, riders from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East will be preparing for the championship in Abu Dhabi, UAE December 6-8, 2012. In this multi-part series, we’ll take a look into several riders with their eye set on a World Championship.

Tom Fooshee has become known as not only a polished contest rider, but also lively and unique when free-riding behind the boat or at a wake park. Tom is coming into this year’s world championships as the top ranked rider on the WWA Wake Park World Series and is heavily favored to win his 5th World Series Overall Title. The “King of Cable” is the most decorated wake park rider in the business; he has been an Alliance Wakeboard Magazine Rider of the Year, 2-time Transworld Wakeboarding Magazine Wake Park Rider of the Year, 3-time Monster Energy WWA Triple Crown Overall Champion, and 4-time WWA Wake Park World Series Overall Champion. Here’s an in depth look at Tom Fooshee.

  • Date of Birth: October 5, 1984
  • Stance: Goofy (Right-foot-forward)
  • Year Riding: 16 Years
  • Division(s): Pro Men, Pro Features
  • Current WWA Wake Park World Series Ranking: 1st
  • Where are you from? New Braunfels, Texas, USA
  • 2011 Wake Park World Championships Finish: 4th Pro Men, 3rd Pro Features
  • Home riding spot: Lake Dunlap & Texas Ski Ranch

WWA: Tell us about yourself.
Tom Fooshee: I was born and raised Texan and currently live in New Braunfels. I’ve been riding for 16 plus years and a college graduate.

WWA: How did you get into the sport?
Tom: I’ve always been involved in watersports. As soon as I rode the first twin-tip wakeboard (the flight 69) I was hooked from then on.

WWA: Who has been most influential in your development of wakeboarding?
Tom: Not necessary 1 person, but more the whole crew at Texas Ski Ranch, for pushing me to become the rider I am now.

WWA: How has the 2012 season been so far?
Tom: Incredible!  The WPWS (Wake Park World Series) has taken us all over the globe and has provided the riders with the best parks to compete at.  It’s been a tough year of competing, but it just keeps getting better.

WWA: What has been your favorite trip this year and why?
Tom: I took a month long trip to Australia that consisted of riding Australia’s best parks, shredding the boat and spending time in the tropical city of Cairns. We also went scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, stayed on a secluded island and even proposed to my fiancée there too. Best trip ever!

WWA: What is your mindset coming into the 2012 Wake Park World Championships?
Tom: To try to be as consistent as I can and focus on trying to pick up another world title.

WWA: Al Forsan has a plethora of new features including rails and kickers; how will they play a role in this year’s championships compared to the 2011 contest?
Tom: It will be huge!  With the addition of these features, expect to see the best riding you will ever see at a cable event!

WWA: This year’s contest is on the opposite cable from last year (Clockwise cable); how will you adapt your riding to accommodate to this cable?
Tom: Luckily there are a few clockwise cables in Texas, so I have been preparing for this event by riding at those parks.

WWA: What rider will you be most prepared to compete against?
Tom: My good buddy Daniel Grant. If you are prepared to ride against him, you are prepared to ride against anyone.

WWA: Who will be the top 3 finishers in your division?
Tom: Daniel Grant, Nick Davies and hopefully myself.

WWA: Any particular person that you’ll have your eyes set on to beat in the karting race?
Tom: Daniel Grant just because he takes the opposite lines that you should take on the track ha-ha.

WWA: What about in the paintball arena? Who do you want to shoot?
Tom: Daniel again, ha-ha; he is a really good friend of mine and I have to keep him on his feet by sometimes doing some light hazing, but just for fun.

WWA: Who would you like to thank?
Tom: My parents, my sponsors, Liquid Force Wakeboards, Reef Footwear, Monster Energy, Spy Optics and Texas Ski Ranch. My friends and the WWA!


Make sure to follow Tom through his travels at:

Tom Fooshee Cruises in Abu Dhabi from Wake Park World Championships on Vimeo.

Tom Fooshee cruising Abu Dhabi in true style. Stops by Al Forsan International Sports Resort to check out the cable for the 2011 WWA Wake Park World Championships as well as a trip to the Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace, and Ferrari World.

Words: Rob Corum Photos: Rob Corum

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