(April 18, 2019) – The World Wake Association (The WWA) continues to grow the sport of wake with the newly formatted 2019 WWA Judges Clinics. These courses have been developed as a way to send new officials into the world in order to positively enhance the sport in all corners of the globe.  This past week a class of forty wake enthusiasts from South Korea and surrounding countries became certified WWA Level 1 Judges. This newly certified group will begin their judging careers with local and regional events in their respective countries. Of the forty attendees, an additional seven individuals became certified with a Level 2 judges rating, further propelling toward becoming globally certified judges. 

The WWA Asian Judges Clinic included two days of various classroom sessions teaching the rules, judging criteria and techniques, and the scoring systems used at the WWA’s international field of events. The Level 1 course is considered an introduction to judging wakesports and is open to anyone who is interested in further defining their skill set and progressing the sport. 

“Hosting the first 2019 WWA Judges Clinic in South Korea was a great success and equally great for our sport. We had an excellent turnout with some of the most interactive classroom sessions we’ve seen in a long time,” commented WWA Executive Director Corrie Wilson. “Building off the momentum of this first clinic, we can’t wait to bring these courses across the globe, leaving a positive mark on our sport that will be felt years to come.” 

The New Certified Judges Include: 

Ho Jun, Kim – Level 1
Sun Young, Na – Level 2
Yang su, Kim – Level 1 
Jeong Wook, Kim – Level 1 
Sung Ho, Park – Level 1 
Seulkee, Joo – Level 1 
Jin Soo, Lee – Level 1
Jin Su, Byeon – Level 1 
Windy Park – Level 2
Dong uk, Son – Level 1 
Tae gun, Kim – Level 2
Sang Hyun, Kim – Level 2 
Ji Hyung, Park – Level 1
Young Hoon, Choi – Level 1
Earl, Kwak – Level 1 
Yujeong, Yoon – Level 1 
Earl, Kwak – Level 1 
Yujeong, Yoon – Level 1 
Kyu Young, Lim – Level 1 
Jeongan, Park – Level 1 
Sang hyun, Yun – Level 1
Ki Bong, Bae – Level 1
Ji Young, Ryu – Level 1
Seung Woo, Lee – Level 1 
YouSun, Kim – Level 1 
MyeungSeung, Choi – Level 1 
Whabae, Kim – Level 2 
Sergio, Colaco da silva – Level 2 
Chae Eun, Kim – Level 1 
Jin, Kim – Level 1 
Soo il, Park – Level 1 
Chunsoo, Kim – Level 1 
Chang Lock, Choi – Level 1 
Oh Sung, Kwon – Level 1 
Young Nam, Park – Level 1 
Duk Sung, Kim – Level 1 
Bibi Wiwi – Level 2 
Kwan bae, Ji – Level 1 
Jong Guk, Lee – Level 1
Gio, Min – Level 1 
Ye Ji, Chang – Level 1 
Jung Sang Han – Level 2 
SeongHoon, Kang – Level 1 

Contact us at if you are interested in incorporating these new judges into any upcoming local or regional WWA events. To learn more about the 2019 WWA Judges Clinics or to find one happening near you CLICK HERE.

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