Tom Fooshee Seals his Fourth WWA Wake Park World Series Overall Championship

From Lake Alfred, FL (December 17, 2012) – The “King of Cable”, Tom Fooshee (USA), is back on top in 2012. The now 4-time WWA Wake Park World Series Overall Champion has proven to the world, once again, that he is the absolute best cable wakeboarder on the planet. The 2012 WWA Wake Park World Series (WPWS) encompassed a 6-stop series that traveled to Europe, USA, and UAE.

Throughout the year, the best wakeboarders in the world accumulate points at each stop of this worldwide series. In 2012 the series started at the Monster Energy Triple Crown-Stop 1, followed by Sooruz Wake N’ Country, Monster Energy Triple Crown-Stop 2, Protest Cable Call, Monster Energy Triple Crown-Stop 3, and last but not least the 2012 WWA Wake Park World Championships hosted by Al Forsan International Sports Resort.

Each stop of the WWA Wake Park World Series displays its own challenges; adaption is key for the riders to bring home the overall championship. Some parks are rail and kicker heavy, some parks are air trick heavy, and in the UAE, riders had to adapt to a clockwise cable, opposite from all other stops.

The rookie, James Windsor (AUS), and 2010 WWA Wake Park World Champion, Daniel Grant (TLD) pushed Fooshee to ride his absolute best at each stop, and Fooshee took the challenge personally, winning 2 of the 6 stops and finishing on the podium at 5 of the 6 stops. Nose grab S-Mobe 540s, Mute Double Flips, Backside 900s, and Insane Presses were the standard in this year’s Wake Park World Series.

“The Wake Park World Series this year has been by far the hardest year of competition I have ever come across.” Says 2012 WPWS Champ, Tom Fooshee. “There are so many riders that compete in the WPWS that can win any stop at any given time; it’s no longer one or two individual rider’s game. There is no longer dominance by any one single rider. The level of riding by all the riders this year was at a level we have never seen before in wake park riding, making it such a difficult feat to win any world series stop. To win the overall title this year is truly something to be stoked on beyond belief. I cannot explain how excited I am to be back in the number one position!”

The 2012 WWA Wake Park World Series was by far the most exciting contest series of 2012! Stay tuned for the release of the 2013 WWA Wake Park World Series right at your spot for wakeboarding info,

Monster Energy Triple Crown-Stop 1: Texas

  1. Tom Fooshee – USA
  2. Daniel Grant – TLD
  3. Dominik Gurhs – GER

Sooruz Wake N’ Country: France

  1. Dominik Gurhs – GER
  2. Tom Fooshee – USA
  3. Nick Davies – GBR

Monster Energy Triple Crown-Stop 2: North Carolina

  1. Daniel Grant – TLD
  2. James Windsor – AUS
  3. Dominik Gurhs – GER

Protest Cable Call: Netherlands

  1. Nick Davies – GBR
  2. Tom Fooshee – USA
  3. James Windsor – AUS

Monster Energy Triple Crown-Stop 3: Florida

  1. Tom Fooshee – USA
  2. Nick Davies – GBR
  3. Nico Von Lerchenfeld – GER

Wake Park World Championships: UAE

  1. James Windsor – AUS
  2. Tom Fooshee – USA
  3. Daniel Grant – TLD

Check out the full 2012 WWA Wake Park World Series Rankings HERE!!!!

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