NEW for 2022, we’ve updated the Points Chase trick limitations. These new trick limitations will be in effect at the 2022 Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships


Features Only: No Restrictions

Traditional Cable:

Beginner Wakeboard: 

Kickers: Spins – Frontside 180s Only, Add some style! No Inverts

Air Tricks: No Air tricks, Ollie 180 front side and backside and slayshing/butters

Rails: Judges Discretion (No Transfers)

No WildCard (May be added at Championship)

Amateur Wakeskate:

Kickers: Spins – Frontside 180’s, HS & TS Airs (NO: BS spins or FS 360 or more, no shuv or flip tricks off)

Flats Tricks: Shuv FS & BS, 180 body varials, 180’s fs & bs (NO: 360 shuv, Big Spins & Flip Tricks)

Rails: Riding them, spins up to 360 on them, shuv either off or on top of, not onto the box or rail. (NO: Everything else)

No WildCard (May be added at Championship)

Novice Wakeboard:

Kickers: Spins – 360 spins MAX. Basic Inverts (no Blind or handle pass inverts)

Air Tricks: Ollie 180 and 360 both front side and backside. Only basic air tricks. (no Blind or handle pass inverts)

Rails: No Blind/wrapped landing Transfers/ollies.

WildCard: Intermediate Run Restrictions

Intermediate Wakeboard:

Kickers: Spins – 540 Spins MAX. 180 Inverts max. 

Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, 180 Airtricks Max (Roll to blind and blind judge max. S-Bends & Vulcans are allowed, no s-bend to blinds) 

Rails: No Handle Pass Transfers/ollie (I.E Back 270)

WildCard: Advanced Run Restrictions

Advanced Wakeboard:

Kickers: Spins – 720 Spins MAX. 360 Inverts max. 

Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, 360 rotations allowed. (S-toBlinds are allowed,) No 540+ air trick (i.e. Raley 5s, Smobe 5s, Mobe 5s….etc)

Rails: No Inverted Transfers

WildCard: No Restrictions

Professional Wakeskate & Wakeboard:

No Restrictions

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