W.O.W. Announces The 1st Annual Step-Up Pro-Am Rail Jam

From Minden, NV — (August 15, 2011) Western Oasis Wakeplace announces the first annual step up pro/am rail jam.   This is a pro/amatuer event that takes place on August 27th and 28th. The night of the 27th will be the bikini contest and a night rail jam on the step up lake for fun.   Practice will be August 25th and26th. This will be the United States first-ever rail jam to include a step-up/step-down cable lake. Onsite camping available, along with the beatuiful epic backdrop of the snow tipped mountains around.

Prize money breakdown:

  • 1st – $2,000.00
  • 2nd – $1,000.00
  • 3rd – $500.00
  • 4th – $250.00
  • 5th – $250.00

CV Sports Bikini Contest

  • 1st – $500.00

Sponsers are Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Byerly, Daly wear

“Wow”, Western Oasis Wakeplace, previously known as Ski Oasis water ski lakes in Minden, Nevada has three man made lakes, built by Doug Lippincott.  One lake has been claimed by the water skiers,  the other lake has four Sesitec 2.0 cable systems.  Each system has different features according to the level of ability.  The most advanced system has a step-down/step-up, lake with an enormous feature that has many different rails all built into one.  It is the only step-down/step-up system in the country. It really makes you more motivated to try harder tricks knowing you don’t have to unstrap and walk a mile around the lake just to waite in line to try the trick again because you get picked up right away.  We also have a Master Craft X-Star for people who prefer to ride behind the boat. And the other lake has plans in the works for the future.

Wow is a family owned and operated park located just outside of Carson City, Nevada.  We are open seven days a week from ten to six.  We also offer camps.  We have a two day camp with or without accommodations, and a five day camp with or without accommodations both which  include instructions.

You can check us out on our website, www.wowwakeplace.com for any other information and videos. There are also more pictures and videos on our facebook.  We are interested in helping the wake community and cable scene grow on the west coast.

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