Wake Park Divsions

We’ve change names of the divisions from Traditional and Features only to Park and Features

Womens divisions are based on previous year’s entries. The goal is to have equal men and women divisions, we will increase divisions based on the previous years entries.

Wake Park Divisions: (See Trick Limitations Sheet)

Beginner Men 

Novice Men 

Intermediate Men

Advanced Men

Open Men

Amateur Women (Beginner-Novice)

Open Women (intermediate and above)


Amateur Wakeskate

Open Wakeskate

Features Wake Divisions: (No Trick Limitations)

Beginner Men 

Amateur Men (Novice-Intermediate Park)

Open Men (Advanced-Open Park)

Amateur Women 

Open Women


Recommendations for where to ride based on former divisions:

Junior Men (Should Ride in Beginner or AM)

Men’s (Should Ride in Beginner or Am)

Jr. Pro (Should Ride in Open)

Groms (Should Ride in Beginner or Am)

Kids (Should Ride in Beginner or Am)

Masters (Should Ride in Beginner or Am or 35+)

Veterans (Should Ride in 35+)