#WakeParkWorlds: The Limelight with Tom Fooshee

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.10.55 PMTom Fooshee is one of the most respected wakeboarders in the sport. Not only is one of the top cable riders that is dominating the world rankings, but he is also very current in the boat scene, as he just signed with Axis. Tom is extremely punctual, on and off the water, and is always professional humble… Long story short, he is a great sports man. The first time I met Tom was when he came to judge the first UAE Wakeboard Nationals. I was blown away when I first saw him ride because I never seen anyone so aggressive on the water yet so smooth. After he came to the UAE, not only did he motivate the riders in the UAE he also pushed them to progress their riding in a safe and positive way. – Omeir Saeed

After spending the summer with Tom Fooshee. I have admired Tom from the beginning of my Wakeboarding career. He is one of the most humble people in the sport in my eyes, on and off the water, from learning a trick to meeting him for the first time in person. Tom is always throwing himself out there no matter wheather it’s being the first person on site at a competition or pushing, not only his riding, but every single rider around him; creating progressive riding for every wakeboarder that encounters Tom Fooshee.  – Matty Hasler

• Age: 29
• Division(s): Pro Men, Pro Features
• Years Pro: 10
• Where are you from? New Braunfels, TX
• 2012 Wake Park World Championships Placement: 1st
• Home riding spot: Texas Ski Ranch/Lake Dunlap

WWA: Hey Tom, You’re one of the most influential wakeboarders around, fill the fans in on your background.
Tom: Currently the oldest rider in the sport. Started out riding boat, went to a university because of a cable park that had a boat lake. Worked at the park running the cable, driving the boat and doing lessons. Fell in love with riding behind the cable and 10 years later now we are here.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.13.03 PMWWA: So your originally rode behind the boat, do you ever get a chance to get back out behind the boat?
Tom: I am extremely fortunate enough to ride behind the boat a lot thanks to the guys at TSR and Malibu. Now I ride just as much behind the boat as the cable thanks to a new sponsorship with Axis Wake Research. My Axis A22 gives me everything I need to make my boat riding as good as my park riding.

WWA: You won the 2012 Wake Park World Series overall title last year; what is it going to take to win another overall title with 4 stops left on the calendar?
Tom: It is going to take a tremendous amount of focus and keeping my body in shape. All the young guns like Daniel Grant and James Windsor are killing it right now. I think if just go out and have fun freeriding with those guys then it will keep myself alive in the chances to win the overall title. Those guys help push my riding so much just being friends with them and shredding with all the young crew.

WWA: What influences you to continue to progress your riding?
Tom: Just taking in everything that I see from not only wakeboarding, but other boardsports also. Creativity is really displayed high right now in our sport so the diversity in riders in so great to get ideas from. Not only the creative guys in the sport, but the style masters are always ones that are a great influence on anyone and myself.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.07.50 PMWWA: You undefeated in the Pro Men’s division this year so far, what are Tom’s secrets to staying so competitive with all of the young guns coming up?
Tom: Got to stay on my A game ha-ha. I haven’t been taking any days off this year, so I have been riding really hard for a long time now. Aside from that I have really gotten the itch everyday to go ride. By no means am I even close to burnt out. I have that want that any young rider has right now to go shred.

WWA: What has been your favorite trip this year and why?
Tom: Aside from my wedding in the Dominican Republic this year, going to BSR for the first stop of the WPWS and Triple Crown was a pretty unreal trip for me. It was really great to be in the Lone Star State and make the statement that I did there.

WWA: What is your mindset coming into the 2013 Wake Park World Championships?
Tom: Stay on the same track I am on, ride my face off with the young guns, have fun and enjoy my time over in one of my favorite events ever.

WWA: Where is you’re favorite place to wakeboard?
Tom: Of course it is at home on Lake Dunlap and at my home park TSR.

WWA: What rider will you be most prepared to compete against?
Tom: Daniel or Windsor. You have to expect guys like that don’t fall short in any category; they rip in all dimensions of riding park.

WWA: Who will be the top 3 finishers in the Pro Men’s Features division?
Tom: James Windsor, Daniel Grant Matty Hasler. If I am lucky, I will be somewhere in that mix.

WWA: Any particular person that you’ll have your eyes set on to beat in the karting race?
Tom: That “not so little anymore” Thai boy. He is so good. This year he is no longer lightweight, so it will be technique from him. Will he still have it?

WWA: What else do you do for fun besides wakeboard?
Tom: Lately it has been improving my home, aside from that, river surfing, snorkeling, running, lawn care and landscaping.

WWA: Who would you like to thank?
Tom: Everyone at Liquid Force Wakeboards, Aaron Grace at Monster Energy and Spy Optic. Blake Hess and Paul Bialick at Texas Ski Ranch, Rob Falgout and Jack Spring at Malibu/Axis Boats, Christian and Nico von Lerchenfeld at Sesitec, Rob and Shannon at The WWA, my family and most important, my Wife Lauren.

Twitter: @TomFooshee
Instagram: @TomFooshee

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