World’s Best Riders Kick Off Opening Day of Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships at the CNE in Toronto

TORONTO (August 25, 2016) – Today, the most decorated wakeboard riders from around the globe made their debut for the opening day of the 2016 Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy at the widely popular Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Located at Ontario Place Channel West in Toronto, warm weather with temperatures in the mid 80’s, greeted athletes in the morning with perfect conditions on the water as they competed exclusively behind the three-time wakeboard boat of the year, the Super Air Nautique G23. The event marks the final stop of the prestigious 2016 Nautique Wake Series and sixth round of the Wakeboard World Series (WBWS).

The talented lineup in the Jr. Boys Beginner (9&Under) division emerged as the first riders to hit the water this week, providing plenty of thrilling action for the diverse group of spectators on hand. Matt Hurlburt (CAN) consistently laid down impressive tricks throughout both of his passes to grab the highest score with an 80.00. A hard-fought effort helped Ian Hurlburt (CAN) secure the runner-up position with a 70.00, narrowly edging out Wyatt Spalding (CAN) in third.

“The opening day of the Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships held true to what the event is all about,” said WWA Executive Director Corrie Wilson. “We started the day off with near perfect conditions and then witnessed the best riders from all over the world show up to prove themselves and represent their countries on the water.”

The award-winning Super Air Nautique G23 showcased its versatile settings to shape the ideal wake for each division at any speed and line length. Utilizing the G23’s clean wake with perfect transitions, Mackenzie McCarthy (AUS) stunned the field by nailing huge tricks to lead the way in the Girls (10-13) division with a score of 86.67. Elle Christensen (USA) grabbed second by riding well with a 76.67. An intense battle ensued between several riders for the qualifying positions in Heat 2, which watched each rider who hit the water one up the run by their previous competitor. In the end, Mary Morgan Howell (USA) and Hollie Waldrop (USA) outdueled the competition to grab the first and second spots, respectively.

Joy Manning (USA) put in the best run of the day in the Veteran Women’s (40&Over) to propel herself to the highest score of 66.67, followed closely by Kat Laird’s (USA) inspiring performance in second. Just behind the lead duo, Susan Sheehan (USA) wasted no time pulling out big tricks and setting the bar high for the remainder of the weekend, finishing in third.

Amateur Wakeskate has repeatedly been one of the favorite divisions for the crowd at each stop of the Nautique Wake Series this year, ultimately witnessing athletes take advantage of the G23’s perfect formed wake to take their riding to the next level. Brandon Wolcott (USA) relied on his silky smooth style to navigate his run and walk away with the semifinal win. In the Women’s Wakeskate, Heidi Vercesi (ITA) and Natalie Graham (USA) battled toe-to-toe throughout the heat, however, Vercesi emerged with the higher score of 70.00. Graham’s 53.33 was good enough for second, just ahead of Kira Lewis (USA) in third.

The highly competitive Boy’s (10-13) division featured a large turnout as riders competed for their chance to advance from the semifinals, including a remarkable run by Kevin Duffy (USA) who lead the way with a 84.67 for the win in Heat 1. A stacked lineup in Heat 2 saw Tyler Worrall (USA) perform flawlessly off the world’s best wake behind the Super Air Nautique G23 to hold onto the number one position, while Fynn Bullock-Womble executed technical trick combinations to distance himself from the competition and victory in Heat 3.

Dedicated to progressing the sport from the ground up, the Nautique Wake Series puts riders first, developing the stars of tomorrow and showcasing the top athletes of today. The addition of the WWA Wakeboard World Championships provides athletes the perfect platform throughout the entire season with every major event held behind the Super Air Nautique G23. The Nautique Wake Series is the only event series in 2016 that gives riders of all ages, gender and skill level the opportunity to compete at an elite level.

The second day of the Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships is set to kick off at 8 a.m. ET on Friday, August 26, beginning with the remaining rounds of amateur qualifying and wrapping up with the first division finals of the week.

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Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy
CNE Waterfront, Ontario Place Channel West – Toronto, Canada
Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jr. Boys Beginner (9&Under) – Semifinals: Heat 01

  1. Matt Hurlburt (CAN) – 80.00
  2. Ian Hurlburt (CAN) – 70.00
  3. Wyatt Spalding (CAN) – 69.33
  4. Marco Colombo (ITA) – 53.33
Jr. Girls (9&Under) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Allison Lavrack (USA) – 85.00
  2. Madison Lavrack (USA) – 80.00
  3. Palmer Howell (USA) – 78.00
  4. Bailey Brown (USA) – 72.67
  1. Avery Spalding (CAN) – 65.00
  2. Kira Lewis (USA) – 58.33
  3. Rachel Secord (CAN) – 48.33
Girls (10-13) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Mackenzie McCarthy (AUS) – 86.67
  2. Elle Christensen (USA) – 76.67
  1. Jordan Wolfe (USA) – 45.00
  2. Harmony Meirik (CAN) – 33.33
Girls (10-13) – Semifinals: Heat 02
  1. Mary Morgan Howell (USA) – 80.00
  2. Hollie Waldrop (USA) – 73.33
  1. Callie Zellenrath (CAN) – 51.67
  2. Sommer Meirik (CAN) – 47.67
  3. Emma Brearley (CAN) – 44.33
Women’s Wakeskate – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Heidi Vercesi (ITA) – 70.00
  2. Natalie Graham (USA) – 53.33
  3. Kira Lewis (USA) – 36.67
Amateur Wakeskate – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Brandon Wolcott (USA) – 56.67
Veteran Women’s (40&Over) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Joy Manning (USA) – 66.67
  2. Kat Laird (USA) – 50.00
  3. Susan Sheehan (USA) – 33.33
Masters Women’s (30-39) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Helen Carroll (GBR) – 56.67
  2. Kaley McNay (USA) – 43.33
Boys Beginner (10-13) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Karson Prowse (USA) – 61.67
  2. Ethan Zellenrath (CAN) – 46.67
  3. Ayden Lamb (USA) – 38.33
  4. Lawrence Beal (CAN) – 23.33
Jr. Women (14-18) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Holly Watt (AUS) – 89.50
  2. Charli Shore (AUS) – 78.67
  3. Mackayla Petrie (CAN) – 68.33
  4. Ellery Hunt (USA) – 50.00
  1. Sam Jarrett (CAN) – 45.00
  2. Maddy Winter (CAN) – 26.67
Jr. Boys (9&Under) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Talen Brown (AUS) – 77.50 
  2. Jett Ellis (AUS) – 68.33
  3. Noah Bollard (AUS) – 66.67
  4. Xavier Olea (MEX) – 51.67
  5. Laird Stidham (USA) – 41.67
Boys (10-13) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Kevin Duffy (USA) – 84.67
  2. Gabriel Benetton (BRA) – 81.00
  1. Liam Brearley (CAN) – 67.33
  2. Thomas Herman (USA) – 63.67
  3. Carson Jacobs (CAN) – 31.67
Boys (10-13) – Semifinals: Heat 02
  1. Tyler Worrall (USA) – 79.33
  2. Daniel Johnson (USA) – 70.67
  1. Cameron Spalding (CAN) – 54.33
  2. Igor Colombo (ITA) – 50.33
  3. Haydon Bru (CAN) – 46.00
Boys (10-13) – Semifinals: Heat 03
  1. Fynn Bullock-Womble (USA) – 86.67
  2. Benjamin Brown (USA) – 80.00
  1. Kai Stidham (USA) – 66.33
  2. Hayden Fuller (AUS) – 53.33
  3. Cole Silverthorn (CAN) – 43.33
Jr. Men (14-18) – Semifinals: Heat 01
  1. Josh Swift (AUS) – 72.67
  2. Noah Wildman (USA) – 66.00
  1. Sky Berninghaus (SUI) – 61.00
  2. Jorge Gordillo (MEX) – 56.67
  3. Andy Birch (USA) – 41.33
  4. Jesse Jarrett (CAN) – 34.33
Jr. Men (14-18) – Semifinals: Heat 02
  1. Victor Cadette Cordeiro (BRA) – 78.67
  2. Andrea Montes (ITA) – 72.67
  1. Kenny Prowse (USA) – 61.33
  2. Lachy Swift (AUS) – 55.33
  3. Cody Wahl (CAN) – 49.33
  4. Crew Christensen (USA) – 34.33
Jr. Men (14-18) – Semifinals: Heat 03
  1. Bryce Grey (AUS) – 75.00
  2. Lorenzo Montes (ITA) – 70.00
  1. Taylor Stewart (CAN) – 54.67
  2. Vojtech Balgar (CAN) – 53.33
  3. Tyler Lindsay (CAN) – 48.33
  4. Jacob Bishop (CAN) – 46.00
  5. Garrison Jacobs (CAN) – 40.00
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