Nautique Boats Announces 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series Towed Exclusively Behind the 4x Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the Super Air Nautique G23

ORLANDO, FL (July 20, 2018) – Holding true to the reputation of always putting athletes first, Nautique Boats and The World Wake Association (WWA) are excited to announce the 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series. The Nautique Wakesurf Series will build on the monumental efforts of the 2018 Nautique USA National Wakesurf Championships providing innovative formats for competition across the globe in a family-friendly environment. Dedicated to progressing the sport for years to come, the 2018 Nautique USA National Wakesurf Championships is the first of many steps in the plan to evolve the sport of wakesurfing on a global level.

While the release of the WWA’s newly developed wakesurf format has been positively received by the world of wakesurfing, the 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series will continue the exponential growth of the competitive side of the sport. The 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series will carry out the newly introduced rider-developed format, rewarding the uniqueness of both skim and surf styles equally in the amateur and pro divisions alike. Through use of the WWA’s proven heat system, a more defined placement and advancement for the athlete will allow competitors a fair advancement throughout the series.  

“We love wakesurfing for the family-friendly and inclusive vibe it creates, and we are looking forward to facilitating the competitive progression with the new Nautique Wakesurf Series,” stated Nautique President, Greg Meloon. “When we introduced the Nautique Wake Series back in 2014, we recognized that professional and amateur athletes competing at the same venue would rapidly progress the sport of wakeboarding at every competitive level.  Building on this experience with the WWA, the Wakesurf Series will allow wakesurfing the same opportunities for growth at all levels while providing a premium experience for the participants.”

The 2019 Nautique Wakesurf Series will be comprised of six of the world’s most prestigious wakesurf events. The world’s top professional and amateur athletes will participate in this newly developed rider-developed platform to showcase progression and define themselves as the sport’s elite.

“This is a giant step by the WWA in a continued effort to help foster future growth in the sport of wakesurfing,” said WWA President, Shannon Starling. “Establishing this series alongside Nautique greatly adds to the progression of wakesurfing as well as establishes the largest single series the sport has seen to date. This is a huge win for the industry, sport, riders, and fans of wake worldwide.”

Towed exclusively behind the 4x Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the Super Air Nautique G23, the 2019 Wakesurf Series will include six stops spanning across the globe.

New Wakesurf Format:


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About Nautique Boat Company: Celebrating 93 years of excellence in the marine industry, Nautique is a subsidiary of Correct Craft and has been on the waters of the world with a passion for innovation since 1925. Nautique is known to push the envelope of possibility on the water, and our owners have come to expect nothing but the absolute best. The Ski Nautique has been reinvented as the lightest ski boat on the market, the G-Series has won numerous awards for wakeboard boat and wakesurf boat of the year while unlocking new possibilities in wakeboarding and wakesurfing, and our GS-Series has given families endless days on the water without compromise. Through our Nautique Cares initiatives we’re dedicated to not only making a difference on the water, but to people in need around the world. The world’s best ski boat, world’s best wake boat, and a company that cares. To learn more visit

About The WWA: Developed for riders by riders, the World Wake Association stands as a global network of passionate representatives dedicated to the growth of towed boardsports. Since 1989 our mission and values remain true to the core of our community. Our position as the authority on competitive standards has been earned through consistent development; sanctioning and producing more than 6,000 worldwide events and counting. We are the only organization solely focused on the best interests of the sport, spearheading a collective movement on the journey to discover where wake takes you. The WWA owns and operates the WWA Wakeboard World Series, WWA Wake Park World Series, WWA Wakeboard National Championships, WWA Wake Park National Championships, WWA Wakeboard World Championships, WWA Wake Park World Championships, WWA Wake Park Triple Crown, WWA Pro Card and WWA Rider Experience.  For more information on the World Wake Association, check out


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